Monday, July 29, 2013

7/29/2013 Letter and Pictures!

Hey everyone so not a lot of time this week! Just keep on keeping on! I'm going to attach a picture. Its of what i wear every morning when I study. I woke up the other morning and it was 35 degrees inside our house, we had the heater on too. Its crazy! So this week a bunch of Menos Activos came to church that I reactivated! Not a baptism, but it was still way cool! We taught Pablo the Word of Wisdom, he and his family have problems with basically all of it. They said they would commit to live it to their best. A little progress, they are changing. Its way awesome! I think though if Pablo doesn't have a date for baptism next week we are done going by. We can't waste time like that. So many cool spiritual things happen every week here, we will just be knocking doors in apartment buildings or talking to people in the street and they end up needing help. People here are really cool too. I don't remember what it's like for everyone to speak English. I can't imagine it, it's hard to remember which is a good thing. The ward here is doing so much better it's awesome! They have five missionaries out so everyone is focusing and using them as motivation to help us, it's going pretty well. I hope all of you are doing well. This is my favorite time of year in the states! I love reading in the Book of Mormon and seeing all the prophecies and thinking wow, I'm fulfilling a bunch of these right now. It's awesome. Well I love you all!!! Ill do better next week! I'm old now so forgive me. haha

Elder Biesinger! 
An awesome star that is out every night

James comp Elder Skaggs with Pablo and his family

P-Day activity

Orion the Hunter?? You tell me.

Birthday breakfast, French toast with all the fixings

Enjoying breakfast

James Birthday Presents. Awesome stuff!

It's cold in the apartment, this is what he studies in.  He cut the fingers off so he could turn pages:)  Love the sign

James with his  ZL, the ZL returned home on the day this picture was taken.

Four Elders with an awesome couple from the ward.

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  1. Good job Lori. Thank you too. The pictures are wonderful. Such a good man!