Tuesday, July 23, 2013

7/15/2013 letter and pictures


So I'm still in the same area! New comp he is the DL he has like a year in the mission, he is from Cali, His name is Elder Skaggs he is pretty cool his spanish is really good I think president told him to only speak spanish to me so its been different but its good we speak English sometimes but for the most part I am just learning! 

So this week was great it didn't rain and it was just way hot the whole time. Its like a Utah spring here. The Andes out in the distance are still so amazing to see I love it. So the drunk guy did come to church again and he was really smelly. 

Last week I told you how Pablo and Daniel went to church well Tuesday we had a lesson with them and Pablo said while at church he felt and now know that The Book of Mormon is true. This was amazing! What is even better is that yesterday at Church his whole family came!! Pablo 16 Daniel 11 Jerko 21 His mom Evelyn 40ish and his "Dad" Christian 38ish and even the baby brother Martin 10 months who was baptized catholic the day before! What! idk what it was still cool! The mom can have her crazy ideas her kids want to progress finally!

So story of the week. Tomorrow is some weird national holiday for Chile founded on some catholic Saint. So no one really works this week so what does that mean? Everyone gets drunk! So yesterday we were trying to find some house numbers and a drunk guy walks passed and tells us just to leave people alone that they don't want us here I looked at him and said hello and asked him if he knew who lived here.(I was hoping he knew because we needed to know) He said no and then walked up to us. He then told us all these crazy ideas about us. We said well those are not true but we can tell you the truth and help you know the truth of all things if you have time later when you aren't busy. (he couldn't stand without stumbling) he was crazy drunk so we just asked if we could talk to him later but it was pointless after letting him ramble about out names and our age and all that we finally got to leave his presence. He walked up the hill a bit and asked a guy(who watched the whole drunk guy thing go down)  if he could tell us who we were looking for he said yeah let me help you out so he went inside got his daughter who lived there because he didn't and she helped us turned out the person we were looking for used to live in her house so we decided to talk to her instead. She loved it. She now has a book and is reading 3 Nephi 11 by the time we come back. It was great to see how Planning works to find the people we are supposed to find without knowing who they are.

Love you all!
Elder Biesinger

James and Elder Stringham

James and Elder Farnsworth

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