Monday, January 26, 2015

January 26, 2015 letter

Hey Friends and Family!

So this week I witnessed one of the miracles from fasting! We got a new Pension (Apartment)!! Its so pretty! Ha it is in the same apartment complex, just another building, so moving wasn't to bad especially because we had the help of two other Elders. It is the same floor plan only it's clean and for the most part new. They put in new floors and new tile in the kitchen and bathrooms and painted everything. As for the old apartment, we fixed the water heater just in time to move. ha. The worst part is that we move Saturday and we just kinda put everything in there and then went out to work, planning on coming back to the apartment at the end of the day to organize and build our beds and all that.  When we got back we started screwing in light bulbs and on the last one it cut the power. We went to the circuit breaker and flipped it on, but it didn't work. We then realized that it had to be the big circuit breaker outside.  It is locked and we don't have a key and it's Saturday night,no one is working and no one has a key.. So I just put my mattress on the ground grabbed a blanket and a pillow and went to sleep.. ha it was lame, but oh well. The worst part is that we didn't want to shower with cold water, and in the dark.  So we had to go to the old apartment and shower in the morning both Sunday and today Monday because the people with the keys don't show up till 10. ha so that was lame but now everything is organized and we have power. 

We had interviews with president as a mission this week, It was good. Out interview were scheduled for 2:00 and 2:20 in the afternoon in our apartment. So we went out to work in the morning and planned on being in the apartment at 1:35 in case they arrived early. But right at one o'clock the Assistants called and said they wanted to come eat lunch in our apartment right then. So we hurried to out apartment. Grabbed one of our study tables and set it up, right in time for them to knock on the door. It was an enjoyable time. One of the Elders, Elder Brown got to the mission about the same time as I did and we both started in the same Zone in Quilpue, so it was nice to talk to him. 

Other than that the work has been hard and slow. we are "sacando la mugre" taking out the dirt. I'm sure we will see the miracles soon. 
This week my mind has been on the first and second Great Commandments. If we truly obeyed those two commandments, that seem so easy and so simple. Would it really be that hard to obey the others? Just like Mathew reads on those two commandments will be established the rest. I invite each and everyone of us to ponder the applications of these words. Let us Love the Lord out God with all out heart. And Let us love the people around us like we love ourselves. I love you all!
Special Birthday shout out to Joe and Josh! Love you guys!

Love Elder Biesinger

Painting the ceiling in the old apartment 

Cleaning the old apartment

It actually got cold enough to wear a sweater this week

Elder Velasco on his bed and a pic of mine.

The beautiful new Kitchen in the new Pension!

The new floor in our new pension.

James and Elder Velasco this morning as they prepare to go do the work

Monday, January 19, 2015

Jan. 19, 2015 letter

So this week was the Baptism of Jose Luis Barria! He was baptised on Saturday the 17th and Confirmed on the 18th Sunday. The bishop of our ward here baptised him. I feel like it was a good decision to have a member baptise him. It strengthened Joses relationship with the Bishop and it was cool. This week has been crazy though! Its been nice because it was a little over cast most the week. But we have been running all over I feel like all week long trying to get things done. The baptism went well. When we asked Jose Luis about his experience last night he told us that the baptism was cool and special to participate in the ceremony but that he really felt something special when he was conferred a member and received the holy ghost. He said he felt feeling like never before and that he was like paralysed. So that was cool.

As for something cool that i think happened this week if not bare with me as I tell you the same story again. We were walking down the street all out appointment had failed and we where walking to an inactive families house. when all of a sudden some lady starts yelling at me in English. " hey go take the demon out of that man! you see him over there! yeah him he is my husband! He has a demon! Bless him and take it out of him!" At first I was like woah what in the world is happening here. But The thing was is that her English was so good that i realised she wasn't a normal Chilean. I went over to the car where her husband was and sure enough he was about as greengo as could be. Ha they were members. He served a mission here in 78 and opened his heart ended up marrying a Chilean and then moving back to Holiday Utah. They now live in Cali but are here visiting for a month needed some help figuring out how to make a left hand turn in a place where you cant make a left hand turn. It was pretty funny we had a good conversation and they went on there way. 

But I love the mission and I love Chile! the days are going by so quick and its been such a blessing to be here and learn and teach! I hope everyone can keep up keeping on in life and be a little better everyday! Well I don't have much to say! I'm hoping that we will be moving into a new apartment this week but we will see! I'm praying it goes well and also that we can find some elected people to teach this week! Thank you for the letters and the prayers! 

Love Elder Biesinger. 
Barbeque with Jose luis and Paula. (Fam Barria Faundez)

Sushi, yummy

Baptism of Jose Luis Barria

Package from the 11th ward

Baptism of Jose Luis Barria

Monday, January 12, 2015

January 12,2015

Okay so everybody! This week was kinda slow but it was a good one. 
As far as the work goes we made a lot of good contacts and have been teaching a lot of good lessons to inactive and new converts. the problem has been investigators. we have investigators we just haven't been able to get a hold of and teach very many this week. Jose Luis and Paula got married on Friday! He will be baptised on Saturday! So that's exciting! We are going over there today Pday to have a barbecue and celebrate with them. 
When we do contacts, something missionaries do,  we can give them a Book of Mormons if we feel they will respect it and read it. It's a rule that we always have one in our hand in the streets in my mission. so I usually carry an extra in my bag.  We usually place like 6 or 7 every week. This week was 6 the problem with these books and a lot of the contacts that we did, is that when we went to visit them at their house on the day that they said. Someone else answered the door and they were not very nice people. We got rejected a few times pretty hard with out even saying a word. But it has been amazing that two days after that started, I started to see in the scriptures in my studies, and in my thoughts that God knows best. He prepares those who are ready and it is not my job to condemn. I sometimes feel like chastising the people, but I am learning that it is not always the answer. I am finding the love that Nephi and Lehi had for laman and lemuel and the desire that their souls should be saved even when they fight so hard against them.
This week was my Comps Birthday. He turned 20 on the ninth. We ate pizza hut and a lemon pie in the night (not very healthy but sometimes you gotta enjoy the moments) Also we ate Popeye's this week! It just arrived in ViƱa and a member brought us some one night. so that was awesome. 

For a cool crazy moment. On Saturday night we were teaching a family and we where just finishing up when we hear screaming in the street someone yelling "parelo" (stop it/him) We thought that a car was rolling away down the hill and someone was screaming for someone to jump in and hit the brakes because someone was working on their car outside. but when we looked out to see what was happening there were 3 men holding down another and one other guy was beating the snot out of him yelling that he had robbed the house next door. Within 15 seconds there was 30 people in the street and 4 men held the thief and two men let him have it for a few minutes, not to the point of blood. (they didn't hit his face) but to the point of pain. They then called the cops and hauled him off.  it lasted a good 20 minutes. The thief was a Gypsy. he has stolen a backpack and purse from  the house next door. When I say Gypsy I mean real Gypsies. They are not Chileans they are immigrants form Europe. They speak a really weird Spanish with a weird accent. They also speak Romanian according to what I am told. It's kinda cool to see them they are a different people. Its pretty crazy. I'm told there are two types the ones that have money and the poor ones. but even the wealthy ones live the gypsy customs and everything they have like one patriarch that runs the show. Its pretty crazy. 

But that's about all I got this week I hope everyone is happy and enjoying the new year!Love you guys! be strong! 

Elder Biesinger

James current area at night

James enjoying Popeyes

Monday, January 5, 2015

January 5, 2015