Monday, January 19, 2015

Jan. 19, 2015 letter

So this week was the Baptism of Jose Luis Barria! He was baptised on Saturday the 17th and Confirmed on the 18th Sunday. The bishop of our ward here baptised him. I feel like it was a good decision to have a member baptise him. It strengthened Joses relationship with the Bishop and it was cool. This week has been crazy though! Its been nice because it was a little over cast most the week. But we have been running all over I feel like all week long trying to get things done. The baptism went well. When we asked Jose Luis about his experience last night he told us that the baptism was cool and special to participate in the ceremony but that he really felt something special when he was conferred a member and received the holy ghost. He said he felt feeling like never before and that he was like paralysed. So that was cool.

As for something cool that i think happened this week if not bare with me as I tell you the same story again. We were walking down the street all out appointment had failed and we where walking to an inactive families house. when all of a sudden some lady starts yelling at me in English. " hey go take the demon out of that man! you see him over there! yeah him he is my husband! He has a demon! Bless him and take it out of him!" At first I was like woah what in the world is happening here. But The thing was is that her English was so good that i realised she wasn't a normal Chilean. I went over to the car where her husband was and sure enough he was about as greengo as could be. Ha they were members. He served a mission here in 78 and opened his heart ended up marrying a Chilean and then moving back to Holiday Utah. They now live in Cali but are here visiting for a month needed some help figuring out how to make a left hand turn in a place where you cant make a left hand turn. It was pretty funny we had a good conversation and they went on there way. 

But I love the mission and I love Chile! the days are going by so quick and its been such a blessing to be here and learn and teach! I hope everyone can keep up keeping on in life and be a little better everyday! Well I don't have much to say! I'm hoping that we will be moving into a new apartment this week but we will see! I'm praying it goes well and also that we can find some elected people to teach this week! Thank you for the letters and the prayers! 

Love Elder Biesinger. 
Barbeque with Jose luis and Paula. (Fam Barria Faundez)

Sushi, yummy

Baptism of Jose Luis Barria

Package from the 11th ward

Baptism of Jose Luis Barria

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