Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March 30, 2015

Hey mi Informe semanal! 

So this week was pretty great. Starting with last Monday. The last two hours of Pday my comp from the MTC Elder Lemley came to our area to visit our Mamita.  My MTC Group went home this week, and on their last pday they have the day to go and visit people. So it was cool to see him especially when Elder Gomez was also his comp for a change. I'm really happy I get to stay here. I was not ready to leave when I saw him leaving. The next morning at about 5 AM I was awoken to a familiar sound that I had never heard in Chile... THUNDER.  I saw the crack of light through the window and was wide awake immediately. It was a Thunder storm very powerful. The lightning that hits the ocean is a spectacle that we stayed up to watch for a few minutes because it never happens in this part of Chile. It rocked the house like a tremor. There was very little water. All the water hit the north of Chile and left a disaster zone. They say there are 300 plus deaths, but that the officials try to hide everything here. I believe them. Officials here hide everything ha. But what a reminder that we are in the last days. I have not been able to stop that thought. 

On Sunday we confirmed Claudio. All the stars are beginning to line up for the Baptism of his mom as well. They are excited. They asked me to try with all I can to be with them when they go through the temple. We visited them yesterday, it was a powerful time. It brought me to tears to see how they have changed, and are changing. I love this work. We are praying so much to find another family. I know there is lots waiting. 

For those of you that are as excited for conference as I am. Well I doubt anyone is... 

 This week I hope we can all be preparing ourselves for the moment that God calls us home, or the moment that we see the Savior come in his glory; because either or could happen tomorrow. I feel it so much in my soul. I love my Savior. I can't wait to see him. To  worship at his feet with all my family, with all my brothers and my sisters. Please take this life for what it is. Have fun, go on adventures, enjoy life, but don't forget that its a time for us to prepare to meet God. Let us all listen to a Prophets voice that we may be edified one unto another. 

Elder Biesinger

Visit with Elder Lemley and Mamita's family. 

James and Elder Lemley

BBQ (Asado)

I LOVE CHILE! Can you see the snow on the mountains!?

Monday, March 23, 2015

March 23, 2015

Weekly Update!
So this week was great we had the Baptism of Claudio on Sunday. It was a great experience for everyone. It was very spiritual and a lindo experience. His Family was very emotional and I'm excited to see the progress with them as we continue in our journey to the Temple. Claudio is 11 years old he will be twelve in 6 weeks or so. He is super smart we taught him the ten commandments using hand signs, and when we give him the sign he knows it super quick. I was asked by him to baptize him and my Companion was asked to perform the confirmation this coming Sunday. It was a cool experience for everyone. 
I also had the chance to perform my first baptismal interview this week with an investigator of the Hermanas Smith and Ramirez. His name is Harry. He is a great man. His wife is bed ridden, she is a vegi., and has not been able to move or do anything for more than a year. He takes great care of her daily. He is very hopeful for the blessings of the Temple, being that in this moment his wife is unable to do anything. He is taking the blessing to be able to do all he can to be with her for eternity. What a blessing it is to know the plan of God. 
I try not to complain or anything like that in my letters, but being that one day I want to print these all out and make a book with the pictures, I want to make a note in this letter that Las pulgas estan tomando su venganza. I am covered in bites from las pulgas. I counted, and just on my legs alone, where I can see i counted like 75. So I'm pretty sure my Blood must be super sweet in these days. But it will pass. 

We had a cool blessing this week when we were doing some contacts in the street. We were talking with some people that didn't really want anything, really stubborn.  Then we turned around and there was a man there that said, Elders I have been looking for you! I was super excited, he explained how he moved to Peru three years ago. He and his Wife became member there, and that they have moved back.  They want to be active and involved with the church, but that they didn't know how, when, or where. So for the last three weeks they had been waiting to see us, or see the chapel open.  It's awesome. They came to church and they are great. They have two little kids one girl that is 7 and a little boy that is like 18 months. They are great, but it was a blessing, and an Eye opener that sometimes you just gotta go through some crappy contacts because God is waiting to put you in the right place at the right time. I know that he works in mysterious ways, but I also know that they are only mysteries to man, because we are not on his level. 

So let us learn the ways of God and live righteously! I love you all.

Elder Biesinger.

Picture of District

Pig Foot I ate....

Baptism of Claudio

Picture of District

Awesome view

Going on a morning run

Monday, March 16, 2015

March 16, 2015

Hey everyone! I am doing great! I love Valparaiso and my area in Playa Ancha. This week went super quick. We are getting Claudio ready for his baptism on the 22, he is super ready. We are also trying to help his parents move along. We wanted them to be baptised together but they won't be able to get married for a few months and Claudio doesn't want to wait. Like seriously we don't coax him at all. He is super great. The Hermana Smith and Ramirez are also trying to get Harry ready for a baptism on the 28th, he still needs a bit of help to understand a few things so it has been a week of a lot of prayer and fasting. We had Zone Conference with President Kahnlein this week on Wednesday. We focused on remembering the Savior, and why we are here.  It was a really great conference. Starting in April we will be reading the Book of Mormon again, so I need to hurry and finish. ha At the end of the conference we got to see Meet the Mormons. it was really good, but made me a little trunky to play some football and do a little wrestling. ha but it wore off really quick. 
We had a huge wild fire that almost burned a lot of houses. I have pictures. They put it out just in time. Also during the conference there was like 5 tremors. it has been an interesting week. 

So this week I had a "I told you so moment with the spirit" There was a ball stuck up in one of the trees while we were in the street, and all the kids were there looking wondering how they could get it down. There was another man there that was a bit shorter than me and said that the tree was to dry to climb any higher and he couldn't reach it, so he was going to look for a broom or a stick or something. But I thought no I think I can get it. Well as I went to set my bag down a voice said no don't do it, don't set your bag down, don't climb the tree. but I thought not no one is going to still my bag, my comp is right here next to it. So I set my bag down. I then turned to the tree as I went to climb the voice said no don't climb the tree. So I decided alright maybe I should listen. So I turned around to pick up my bag and there was one of the 2000 dogs in the street marking his territory on my bag... I tried to kick him away, but he ran off. I carefully carried my bag and had it washed. It was pretty obvious that I needed to learn that lesson when I felt the impression "Well you got what you deserved." SO I hope that we can all listen to the spirit, not just in teaching, or in situations that we know we need the help, but always; and that way we won't have the the enemy mark his territory on our lives. 

I love you all and miss you I hope you are doing well!

Big Birthday Love to my Mom. Love you mom!

Elder Biesinger

Weird Sea Plant that was surprisingly good 

Eating clams and other weird sea food

Pictures of the fire

This is beautiful, but so sad.

I Love this Kid...Mom

Monday, March 9, 2015

March 9,2015

So this week was a little crazy! It flew by way quick! So this week we just kept on working but man it got really hot. Like the humidity and the heat don't mix, at least there is usually a nice ocean breeze to cool things off. So this week at one point we had three baptismal dates. Now we just have one, for the 22 of March with Claudio, the 11 year old. His parents still need to get married so he can help the mom (Mirza) progress. She had a date for the 22nd as well but was not able to go to church on Sunday, so it fell. The other one was with a lady named Alicia, she is a little older so it was hard for her to get to the center of town to the conference that we had this week.  We are hoping that she can go to church this week and have a date for the 29th, or so.
 But just so you all can have a little faith booster in Prayer.  Sunday morning we woke up to get ready to go pick up Claudio and his mom to go to church, they called and said they were ready to go, so we were really excited. Well five minutes later they called and said they can't go because someone is in the hospital. So the mom had to go, and that claudio stayed up to late, so he was dead asleep; but that we could call in a few minutes to see if maybe he would wake up. We were a little devastated. So we decided lets say a prayer that Claudio can receive the energy he needs to wake up and go to church.  We said the prayer and decided we would call at 8:05 to see if he was awake. When I reached for the phone and 8:05 in rang and it was his dad telling me that claudio was awake and would be ready to go. We went to church with claudio. It was a miracle of prayer. The day wasn't perfect. A perfect day would have been that he, his mom, his dad and alicia all came to church. But we were given what we needed. That is how God works always giving us just what we need, but always leaving us room to improve and in a situation that causes us discomfort or stress. God understands our needs and what we are going through and HE ANSWERS PRAYERS OF FAITH. 

The Pigeon. 
On a side funny note we were walking in the street yesterday when we heard a noise unfamiliar it was like a bang pop with sparks. Then falling from the sky we saw a pigeon falling, it hit the street flapped around and then fell off the street onto some stairs. we went over to see what happened and it didn't have a head. we looked around for the Head but there wasn't one. I'm pretty sure that the head doesn't exist because it touched a hot wire on the telephone post. It was a good reminder that anyone can pass at anytime. so we should all be ready. Also that we should be careful where we put our beaks.

Love you all but I also love Chile so Chou! 

Elder Biesinger

The headless pigeon

James lives in the bright pink house 2nd floor

Monday, March 2, 2015

March 2, 2015

Hey ¿como les va?

Bueno este semana ha sido tan genial! Me encanta la mision! MISION VI√ĎA 

Ha alright well ya like I said I love the mission! This week was great! We taught a family that we are going to try to get married, the family Rodrigez. Claudio and his son Claudio and his future wife Mirza, the dad is already a member, but all the better! Also we taught a 12 year old girl on Saturday in the house of a member.  We stopped by to get a drink of water, and Tracey was there at the house so the family said hey, why don't you come in and teach us all. We watched a short video on the restoration and then taught a little about it. Tracey the 12 year old girl came to church the next day all by herself and waited for the member family to show up. It was awesome. We are praying that when we go to teach her that her family is receptive. We are trying to find, and teach so we can baptize and help build a stake! 

As far as Chile experiences! Today we stopped by the Soccer stadium here is Valpo. The stadium is for the Santiago Wanderes. It was cool we got in good with a guy there and he gave us a full tour. We also stopped and took some pictures in the city center. haha. but I love this place. Everything from the locos that sell things on the sidewalk with the smell of fresh fish and bread, to the crazy dogs and cats, and especially the ocean!

But something really powerful I have been thinking about this week is about the Anti Nephi Lehites. In Alma 24:17-18 it talks about how they buried their weapons as a testimony to God. But the truth is, is that it's not the weapons that were the problem, it is that we all know the laminates were a blood thirsty people that delighted in the the shedding of blood.  It was how they desired to use the weapons. What things in our live maybe are things that are not bad, but that are maybe not good either.  What things should we bury in the ground to show to God that we want to be spotless at the last day? Later in verse 23 they were so converted that they let themselves be killed by the sword. The thing that they buried to show God their devotion was the very thing that brought them a temporal death.  How great it is that it did not bring unto them a spiritual death for that would be upon their own heads. Christ over came the grave. We have no reason to fear death, but we should look for the things that would make us spiritually dead, and we should be very careful with them maybe it's best if we just bury them deep in the earth. 

Love you all thanks for the  support!
Elder Biesinger


The part of Valparaiso that James is serving in.



James and Elder Gomez at the Stadium

Trying to get a picture of the Parrots

Armada De Chile

the front of the Armada de Chile

Micro(bus) from the outside

More pics of James and the Armada de Chile
The "Big Ben" of Chile