Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March 30, 2015

Hey mi Informe semanal! 

So this week was pretty great. Starting with last Monday. The last two hours of Pday my comp from the MTC Elder Lemley came to our area to visit our Mamita.  My MTC Group went home this week, and on their last pday they have the day to go and visit people. So it was cool to see him especially when Elder Gomez was also his comp for a change. I'm really happy I get to stay here. I was not ready to leave when I saw him leaving. The next morning at about 5 AM I was awoken to a familiar sound that I had never heard in Chile... THUNDER.  I saw the crack of light through the window and was wide awake immediately. It was a Thunder storm very powerful. The lightning that hits the ocean is a spectacle that we stayed up to watch for a few minutes because it never happens in this part of Chile. It rocked the house like a tremor. There was very little water. All the water hit the north of Chile and left a disaster zone. They say there are 300 plus deaths, but that the officials try to hide everything here. I believe them. Officials here hide everything ha. But what a reminder that we are in the last days. I have not been able to stop that thought. 

On Sunday we confirmed Claudio. All the stars are beginning to line up for the Baptism of his mom as well. They are excited. They asked me to try with all I can to be with them when they go through the temple. We visited them yesterday, it was a powerful time. It brought me to tears to see how they have changed, and are changing. I love this work. We are praying so much to find another family. I know there is lots waiting. 

For those of you that are as excited for conference as I am. Well I doubt anyone is... 

 This week I hope we can all be preparing ourselves for the moment that God calls us home, or the moment that we see the Savior come in his glory; because either or could happen tomorrow. I feel it so much in my soul. I love my Savior. I can't wait to see him. To  worship at his feet with all my family, with all my brothers and my sisters. Please take this life for what it is. Have fun, go on adventures, enjoy life, but don't forget that its a time for us to prepare to meet God. Let us all listen to a Prophets voice that we may be edified one unto another. 

Elder Biesinger

Visit with Elder Lemley and Mamita's family. 

James and Elder Lemley

BBQ (Asado)

I LOVE CHILE! Can you see the snow on the mountains!?

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