Monday, March 23, 2015

March 23, 2015

Weekly Update!
So this week was great we had the Baptism of Claudio on Sunday. It was a great experience for everyone. It was very spiritual and a lindo experience. His Family was very emotional and I'm excited to see the progress with them as we continue in our journey to the Temple. Claudio is 11 years old he will be twelve in 6 weeks or so. He is super smart we taught him the ten commandments using hand signs, and when we give him the sign he knows it super quick. I was asked by him to baptize him and my Companion was asked to perform the confirmation this coming Sunday. It was a cool experience for everyone. 
I also had the chance to perform my first baptismal interview this week with an investigator of the Hermanas Smith and Ramirez. His name is Harry. He is a great man. His wife is bed ridden, she is a vegi., and has not been able to move or do anything for more than a year. He takes great care of her daily. He is very hopeful for the blessings of the Temple, being that in this moment his wife is unable to do anything. He is taking the blessing to be able to do all he can to be with her for eternity. What a blessing it is to know the plan of God. 
I try not to complain or anything like that in my letters, but being that one day I want to print these all out and make a book with the pictures, I want to make a note in this letter that Las pulgas estan tomando su venganza. I am covered in bites from las pulgas. I counted, and just on my legs alone, where I can see i counted like 75. So I'm pretty sure my Blood must be super sweet in these days. But it will pass. 

We had a cool blessing this week when we were doing some contacts in the street. We were talking with some people that didn't really want anything, really stubborn.  Then we turned around and there was a man there that said, Elders I have been looking for you! I was super excited, he explained how he moved to Peru three years ago. He and his Wife became member there, and that they have moved back.  They want to be active and involved with the church, but that they didn't know how, when, or where. So for the last three weeks they had been waiting to see us, or see the chapel open.  It's awesome. They came to church and they are great. They have two little kids one girl that is 7 and a little boy that is like 18 months. They are great, but it was a blessing, and an Eye opener that sometimes you just gotta go through some crappy contacts because God is waiting to put you in the right place at the right time. I know that he works in mysterious ways, but I also know that they are only mysteries to man, because we are not on his level. 

So let us learn the ways of God and live righteously! I love you all.

Elder Biesinger.

Picture of District

Pig Foot I ate....

Baptism of Claudio

Picture of District

Awesome view

Going on a morning run

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