Monday, March 9, 2015

March 9,2015

So this week was a little crazy! It flew by way quick! So this week we just kept on working but man it got really hot. Like the humidity and the heat don't mix, at least there is usually a nice ocean breeze to cool things off. So this week at one point we had three baptismal dates. Now we just have one, for the 22 of March with Claudio, the 11 year old. His parents still need to get married so he can help the mom (Mirza) progress. She had a date for the 22nd as well but was not able to go to church on Sunday, so it fell. The other one was with a lady named Alicia, she is a little older so it was hard for her to get to the center of town to the conference that we had this week.  We are hoping that she can go to church this week and have a date for the 29th, or so.
 But just so you all can have a little faith booster in Prayer.  Sunday morning we woke up to get ready to go pick up Claudio and his mom to go to church, they called and said they were ready to go, so we were really excited. Well five minutes later they called and said they can't go because someone is in the hospital. So the mom had to go, and that claudio stayed up to late, so he was dead asleep; but that we could call in a few minutes to see if maybe he would wake up. We were a little devastated. So we decided lets say a prayer that Claudio can receive the energy he needs to wake up and go to church.  We said the prayer and decided we would call at 8:05 to see if he was awake. When I reached for the phone and 8:05 in rang and it was his dad telling me that claudio was awake and would be ready to go. We went to church with claudio. It was a miracle of prayer. The day wasn't perfect. A perfect day would have been that he, his mom, his dad and alicia all came to church. But we were given what we needed. That is how God works always giving us just what we need, but always leaving us room to improve and in a situation that causes us discomfort or stress. God understands our needs and what we are going through and HE ANSWERS PRAYERS OF FAITH. 

The Pigeon. 
On a side funny note we were walking in the street yesterday when we heard a noise unfamiliar it was like a bang pop with sparks. Then falling from the sky we saw a pigeon falling, it hit the street flapped around and then fell off the street onto some stairs. we went over to see what happened and it didn't have a head. we looked around for the Head but there wasn't one. I'm pretty sure that the head doesn't exist because it touched a hot wire on the telephone post. It was a good reminder that anyone can pass at anytime. so we should all be ready. Also that we should be careful where we put our beaks.

Love you all but I also love Chile so Chou! 

Elder Biesinger

The headless pigeon

James lives in the bright pink house 2nd floor

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