Monday, March 16, 2015

March 16, 2015

Hey everyone! I am doing great! I love Valparaiso and my area in Playa Ancha. This week went super quick. We are getting Claudio ready for his baptism on the 22, he is super ready. We are also trying to help his parents move along. We wanted them to be baptised together but they won't be able to get married for a few months and Claudio doesn't want to wait. Like seriously we don't coax him at all. He is super great. The Hermana Smith and Ramirez are also trying to get Harry ready for a baptism on the 28th, he still needs a bit of help to understand a few things so it has been a week of a lot of prayer and fasting. We had Zone Conference with President Kahnlein this week on Wednesday. We focused on remembering the Savior, and why we are here.  It was a really great conference. Starting in April we will be reading the Book of Mormon again, so I need to hurry and finish. ha At the end of the conference we got to see Meet the Mormons. it was really good, but made me a little trunky to play some football and do a little wrestling. ha but it wore off really quick. 
We had a huge wild fire that almost burned a lot of houses. I have pictures. They put it out just in time. Also during the conference there was like 5 tremors. it has been an interesting week. 

So this week I had a "I told you so moment with the spirit" There was a ball stuck up in one of the trees while we were in the street, and all the kids were there looking wondering how they could get it down. There was another man there that was a bit shorter than me and said that the tree was to dry to climb any higher and he couldn't reach it, so he was going to look for a broom or a stick or something. But I thought no I think I can get it. Well as I went to set my bag down a voice said no don't do it, don't set your bag down, don't climb the tree. but I thought not no one is going to still my bag, my comp is right here next to it. So I set my bag down. I then turned to the tree as I went to climb the voice said no don't climb the tree. So I decided alright maybe I should listen. So I turned around to pick up my bag and there was one of the 2000 dogs in the street marking his territory on my bag... I tried to kick him away, but he ran off. I carefully carried my bag and had it washed. It was pretty obvious that I needed to learn that lesson when I felt the impression "Well you got what you deserved." SO I hope that we can all listen to the spirit, not just in teaching, or in situations that we know we need the help, but always; and that way we won't have the the enemy mark his territory on our lives. 

I love you all and miss you I hope you are doing well!

Big Birthday Love to my Mom. Love you mom!

Elder Biesinger

Weird Sea Plant that was surprisingly good 

Eating clams and other weird sea food

Pictures of the fire

This is beautiful, but so sad.

I Love this Kid...Mom

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