Monday, August 26, 2013

8/26/2013 Letter

Heo! So things are great here in paradise, Nice and warm and no pulgas or nothing. Not. It is paradise, but it is cold outside at night. The wind gets blowing off the ocean and it is crazy how fast people go inside!  There are a new breed of fleas. I think after awhile they will stop bugging me like in the other area. It is cool though to work and be able to look over at the sunset on the ocean. This ward has got a good mission plan, the mission leader is awesome, and the bishop too. We have a 13 year old girl we are teaching named Edita, she is basically a member.  Her mom is recently coming back to church and Edita told her she wants to be baptized. She is a gem. Pure blessings. We got dropped by a few people this week, all within like 10 minutes, that was fun. We also are teaching this family that is young and a little crazy, they want to listen to 50 cent while we teach and sometimes they want to drink. They need a little work, but we only keep going back because they do their reading, and feel the spirit strong. We will be fixing the issues real soon though. This week I want to say a little something about references. There is a recent convert here who two weeks after her baptism she was in the temple and a month after that had her patriarchal blessing. She was a reference from a member, this convert just gave us a reference, and we are now teaching her and she is golden. He name is Damariz. I know that my dad is going out with the missionaries to teach a family in the ward, and it sounds promising. My point is that missionaries can knock doors, and do contacts for days and we will make very little progress.   As members, if we know someone who would be willing to accept the gospel,  don't doubt to put that in the Lords hands.  This is his work, and it will progress a lot faster with more help, besides who wouldn't want to have eternal life with their family! ha Well yeah I love Chile the mission and even spanish and of course all of you so take care!
Elder Biesinger

Monday, August 19, 2013

Letter from 8/19/2013 James has a new area and pictures!

Greetings everyone! So I am in Quintero now, look it up it is way cool right on the Ocean! This week was great and full of surprises! Monday night Elder Gonzolaz somehow calls us and quickly says that I am going to get Changed to Quintero, and it came to pass. My comp fell off a cliff, about 20 feet straight down, and nothing happened he didn't even get scratched! He was not paying attention.  We were flying Kites on p day,  we were walking backwards and he fell.  He fell onto  a little hill and was able to just kinda roll down after the fall. Idk how, there was lots of rocks and garbage. I believe angles just carried him down. We told Pablo and Daniel and their family that I was leaving tuesday night, and they started crying it was hard. Pablo told us that three days before he had a dream that we came and told him I was leaving in the very same way sitting at the table and everything, even more crazy is Elder Garcia was there in his dream and there is no way that he could have known Garcia would be there. It was something very amazing and profound. He will be baptized this month. I wished I could be there but it is just how the mission is, I guess. My new area is great. The ward is really focused and works well in missionary work! Well I love you all and hope things are all great!

Love Elder Biesinger

His new Companions name is  Elder Jackson Sheffeild from Ogden Utah.  Don't have a picture yet.

Saying goodbye to Quilpue

With Elder Skaggs and a Family

With Elder Skaggs, Elder Garcia(?) and a family

Goodbye to Elder Skaggs

Hello Quintero

What a great view in Quintero

Monday, August 12, 2013

8/12/2013 Letter

Hey all! 
So this week was the last one of this change, it went pretty good! Elder Gonzolaz, one of the other Elders, finished his mission so his comp Elder Garcia is now with us in a trio. So that means this change (6 weeks) I have had three comps haha wow. Elder Garcia is cool though he is from Ecuador and he has like 18 months in the mission.
      Yesterday I gave another talk. Only this time only me and Elder Skaggs spoke. I spoke second and was followed by a member. I spoke for like ten minutes and it was great everyone was in shock. ha My Spanish is way better yay! I talked about the need for members, and that they need to do their visits (no one does their visits here).  It was great.  I definitely believe I had a lot of help from the spirit to speak that good. I am pretty sure that more people will do their visits now.
      This week we went and visited Franz, the big German guy that isn't married. His sons are all members, and we have a good relationship.  We went in and sat down and were visiting for like two minutes when there is a knock at the door. I felt a weird feeling and then walked in the Jehovah's Witnesses, two older guys dressed funny with weird hats and girly scarves and mustaches haha. The "wife" of Franz is a JW and I guess they are trying to talk to Franz. They didn't greet us but just sat down. Franz introduced us as the Elders, ha, and they asked it they could share something. Well they shared and it was really weird it just didn't feel right, my comp and I just sat listening. Franz was answering questions saying well we believe.... (referring to us, the Mormons) It was awesome to see that he stood with us. The Jw´s shared a message about the Resurrection and talked about how the human body would live forever if we never sinned? There wasn't a feeling of any confirmation of the spirit on that one. They also compared everything scientifically, which had nothing to do with anything they said. Then they said they thought Franz was a smart guy and that only smart intellectual people could know the truth. They gave him a book they said was for smart people and left. On their way out we introduced ourselves and asked their names to be obviously the more courteous ones. The wife never came out and said hi, and they never asked about her or anything, it was really really weird. Well after the left we shared about the resurrection as well, not to destroy what they said, but to fix it. It was amazing the spirit filled the room and Franz at the end said that he loved it when we come because he can always feel the happiness of our message and he always feels better. He totally recognized the spirit. I guess that's what happens when we fast four times in a week and a half. haha
Well all is well I love the mission and I love Chile.
Love Elder Biesinger

Monday, August 5, 2013

8/5/2013 Letter

Hey all
So this week flew by! Almost done with my second change already! Way too fast. So this week we dropped a lot of people, the truth is we are really just focusing on menos activos and three investigators Pablo, Daniel, and Felipe. Felipe is the son (i think) of a menos activo who now goes to church because we are teaching her son. He is very smart and comprehends well. He said he would be baptised and that he will set a date next sunday if he feels it in his heart not just in his head. Its hard to get people to really recognize answers they expect some grand thing to happen. Its the same problem with Pablo and Daniel the are 100 percent ready we just have to get them to realize that and that they don't need to be 1000 percent ready. Pablo and Daniel have become like my brothers. I stopped and taught Daniel my first day here and then I was the first one to invite Pablo to share with us. They have come along way. My comp is doing great I like him, idk what I have said but he is a lightweight wrestler from La CaƱada Cali. Idk what is going on here but there is now like a herd of horses that like runs around the upper part of our area. It's super weird people are way scared of them??? I'm just scared of the fleas they carry haha I wish we were aloud to ride on p days. Chileans like to find reasons to party. We were in centro friday night and there were so many drunks one guy we talked to turned out to be kinda drunk and hit my companion not super hard but with force. It was kinda funny. Daniel the drunk came to church again. Its getting frustrating he doesn't learn he had a bottle of whiskey in his jacket the whole time. We gave him a Word of Wisdom pamphlet and sent him on his way. We went for a run this morning. I was dying I can walk really fast up these hills, but running, wow that was rough. I like playing with the soccer ball better, haha I never thought I would say that, but it's true. The search continues we fasted twice this week to be able to find (escogidos) the chosen or prepared, we have been doing okay things are going. I love it here and I'm enjoying myself. I hope everything is good at home and I would love to hear from all of you! Its a high of 66 degrees today yes! I'm just wearing a white shirt! Wahoo
Love Elder Biesinger

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