Thursday, June 25, 2015

June 15, 2015 letter

Wahoo ¡Copa América!  Just Kidding haha no we don't watch any of it, but its hard not to know the score when Chile is playing because every time they score a goal everyone screams and shouts and honks their horns. It makes being in the Street pretty entertaining. ha

If you don't know what Copa America is ask someone that is into soccer. ha This year Chile is hosting and its EVERYWHERE. But Still the work goes on!

So this was the last week of this Change, we will have changes this week but hopefully we don't have any changes! HA do you understand? Anyways we were able to find a few new people this week in the search for the chosen people! We found Juan Cerda using the area book of old investigators, he runs a small auto repair from his house. The missionaries found him a year ago when there were sisters in that part and someone stole their stuff, he saw the guy and went and brought their stuff back to them he is a good guy hopefully he comes to church. Carolina, my Comp Elder Alvarez found with Elder Osuna from Mexico in an interchange with the ZL. (Zone Leaders) The next day my comp and I went to teach her and invite her to the Activity we were having in the Church. She came and then on Sunday she came as well, and she will also be going to mutual this week with the Young women.  She is 13 years old, and was baptized a few weeks ago in the catholic church, but now if all goes well she is going to be baptized in a few weeks.  I mention her baptism, because she is very awake spiritually it's cool so see that she wants to have knowledge of these things at such a young age, and she even brings her three year old sister with her (scarlet). We will see how it goes with them this week!

This week I am finishing up 3 Nephi to be able to finish the Book of Mormon for the second time this year by the end of June. I love the Book of Mormon. There are so many keys to like hidden inside. In 3 Nephi 1: 23 - 25 you can find the key to world peace. If everyone received a remission of their sins and was then instructed to leave the false teachings and convert themselves more fully the world would be a lot more peaceful and happy place. I know that takes a lot of work and that a lot of people have to humble themselves to be able to do it, but it should start with us. Christ didn't come to pay for the sins of a select few that were able to find their own way to the  truth. No he came to teach the Gospel and die for "all those who would receive it" how can they receive it if we are not like Nephi in the scripture and we don't make things happen. In 3rd Nephi the Nephi that is spoken about there is underrated a lot of the time he raised his brother from the dead. He was able to do these things because he lived in perfect righteousness. I hope that we can all learn a little from 3 Nephi. Not only does Christ himself come and Teach but in Chapters 1-10 there are plenty of Examples for us to have a happier life.

Have a great week! And Happy Early Fathers Day to everyone!
Elder Biesinger

James District

Levarte Missionaries

James and Elder Alvarez

June 8, 2015 letter

Wow what a week it has been! So To start off...

In Helaman 13:4 when it says that Samuel went and he got on top of the wall because they wouldn't let him in the city. They really summed up that story. The amount of challenges that he had to go through to be able to get on the wall, I doubt it was that simple, these walls were made to keep people out.. So a lot of the time in the scriptures in life and in my letters you don't know the amount of challenges that someone has to go through to be able to complete the task. This week I'm going to do it a little different and explain how we had to climb the wall.

So Edgardo and Maria were all set to be baptized on Saturday June 6th on Wednesday we were going to have their interviews, so we were getting their papers ready to be inscribed. As I was looking for the names of their daughters who are members, I could not find them for the last name of Guzman; it was very frustrating. So, I decided to look for them in another list that goes by direction. I found their direction but there was another name. It was the name of Maria but with another last name... I then went back to the other list, looked for the last name of Soto and found Maria, and her two daughters. Maria was married before, so her last name had been Soto. The surprise was that Maria was baptised in 1989.. She had forgotten.. So long story shorter, She no longer needed to be baptized. Edgardo passed his interview with flying colors. Now for Saturday, the day of the baptism. In order for the fount to be ready, we normally have to get there three hours early and start filling it. There is a rule that while it is filling we have to stay with it so we were studying. The baptism was scheduled at 5 o'clock. at 4:15 Edgardo and his family and a few members showed up everything was practically ready except the Fount, it was no where near ready. We started to get a little nervous that it wouldn't be ready at 5. We couldn't just hurry and fill it with cold water because Edgardo wouldn't be able to take it, and then we were afraid he would get more sick. So At 5 the water was only at the half way point.... So we started filling it with a bucket. oh what joy.. After 20 trips with a bucket from the kitchen sink the water was a little above the knees. but we couldn't wait any more. My Comp with the help of Angels I'm sure was able to baptize him on the first try. It was a great experience. Everything was going so wrong, and so out of order before the baptism, but at the moment that he left the water there was a great peace and calm. Edgardo was singing and whistling as he changed his clothes and the family was crying what a blessing. 
He asked me to confirm him and it was a cool opportunity. The first time I have done it. It was special. It was a great week filled with challenges. 

We have found a few more people this week using the list of members, and if all goes well this week we should be able to have more baptismal dates! :) we found a kid named Karim last night he is 15 and doesn't believe in God. He is very smart but has a little depression, his mom is inactive, we gave him a book and I'm hoping to see a lot of progress in him as well as Camila a reference from some sister missionaries she is 17 and doesn't know what way she should go in life I'm really excited for these two as well as a few others. we will see what happens. 

Love you Guys!!!

Baptism of Edgardo

Elder Hansen, first "gingo I've been with in months"


June 1, 2015 letter

Maybe its getting old to you guys that I say how fast the time is going by, but the truth is that this week went by so fast that it is frustrating! Ah oh well. 
So Edgardo was not baptized this week. He had his interview on Wednesday, but he drank some tea the day before so we took the time to reinforce the teaching. And we fixed the problem. if all goes well they will both be baptized this Saturday, Maria and Edgardo. They both came to church yesterday. Its hard for me sometimes to see Edgardo because he looks so uncomfortable, but he is a trooper and is hanging in there. 

This week we had the last Conference with President Kahnlein who will be leaving on July 1st. It was a great conference. 
In part of the conference we talked about who closed General conference. It was Elder Nelson the conference was on Friday we talked a little about Apostolic order and how he is the third in line and how for some reason President Monson did not Close and that the other two were not doing well with their health. Then the next day we heard the news about Elder Perry. We put the goal to teach what Elder Nelson said in every chance we get with members because it was the last thing shared, and something needed here; The Sabbath day.  It was a great conference. They also announced this week that Valparaiso Oest will become a Stake on July 4th and 5th. WAHOO ha its really cool. If I'm not mistaken Mission Viña has created two stakes in the last year in the last 16 years there has only been maybe one other in all of Chile. What blessings. 

Ha but the mission goes on! Time flies Elder Alvarez and I a doing great trying to find and teach the whole world. I love the mission and I am so glad for the chance to be here and to learn and make myself more like Christ. I hope everyone has a great week and enjoys the temple dedication! 

Well now I have to go to Viña again to bring a new fridge back to out house because ours is causing problems, Saturday morning we woke up without power because the fridge trembles and shakes and makes noises then the power shuts off.  The circuit breaker is in the house underneath us, and Saturday they didn't wake up until the sun started coming up, at about 8:30 so we sat there in the dark for a while waiting for them to answer the door. So now I get to go bring another one back.. ha 

Con mucho amor! 
Elder Biesinger

Elder Alvarez in the apartment trying to stay warm

James Bread, looks yummy!

Monday, June 22, 2015

May 25, 2015 letter

Hey everyone! 
Wow I feel like I am a little closer to Antarctica then I really am! This week has been really cold. Starting on Monday we didn't see the sun for like four days because it was so foggy. Literally the air was basically water. No rain just cold. It cleared up and the sun came out for a few days but with the wind and everything its been pretty cold. This morning when I woke up it was 9 degrees Celsius like 47 and I could very clearly see my breath. So after warming up with some exercises, I made some bread and heated the house up a little. This cold is again like I have said maybe a million times SO different than Utah cold. Its like your hands and feet constantly are cold and you always feel a little damp.  So much humidity. Oh well it's a lot of fun either way! Like another world. 

This week was the 21st of May here in Chile its a Holiday that celebrates a victory over the Peruanos. Basically they dedicate the whole day to protesting because it is also the "State of the Union address" the talk takes place here in Valparaiso so it makes the city center a war zone. Two kids died in a protest and others injured. A lot of unnecessary violence and stuff. But here in the hills everything keeps on like normal so no worries. 

If all goes well Edgardo will be baptised this Sunday. His wife isn't ready yet, we will see what happens.  We have been having a bit of success these last few weeks. Mirza it going to be Married on the 21 of July and so she will be baptised the 24th or 25th, and we have a few other people that we will be getting ready for in June.
Jorge is one of those he is about 68 he has a little sewing shop and we met him in the street. He says that he likes the Mormons and want to join a religion, so if all goes well and we have a lot of blessings we should be able to teach him and help him understand why. He was a mountain climber and bike racer he says he never was able to make it to the top of Aconcagua, but got close. We are still working with Gilda and trying to do lots of contacts to find other people. 

Saturday we were walking in the street and I saw a little 3 year old girl look at us then look away real quick. The mom saw it too.  The mom was a little heavy, and was lighting up a cigarette.  I started to talk with her while her mom was with the little girl. We were walking on a street where there is a lot of cars parked on the sides, and its a hill so people as they start to go down the hill can't really see where they are going. Anyways, the little girl all of a sudden takes off running, and crying a little because the grandma didn't give her candy.  The girl runs toward the street, and there was a car coming quickly in a second I knew I Had to stop the car, so I ran into the street waving the car to stop. The car stopped just in time and the grandma and the mom took the girl and crossed the street without a word. It was an experience I'll remember for a long time. I'm just glad the car stopped. 

Well the mission is great I love it! my Comp is great and is learning a lot and we have a good time.  I love Chile and I'm so glad for my chance to be here! I love the Gospel and the happiness that it brings! I hope you all have a great week!

Elder Biesinger 

Elder Alvarez at the mission office

James at the Mission office

James and Elder Alvarez