Wednesday, October 9, 2013

10/8/2013 letter

Hola todos! 
Alright so I don't know what happened to last weeks email I home it got through! I hope you all enjoyed conference.  It is always something to listen to and then apply. This week was great we are opening, so we have been doing pure contacts.  Basically we had three baptismal dates from contacts,and one from an old investigator! The problem is that two had to go north to work and one had to work Sat. and Sunday so she couldn't come to conference.  To be baptized you have to have three role marks at church basically, so we only have one that remains for the 26 of this month. She is pure gold. The Lord is preparing her so well. She also brought her 8 year old brother to church so we are going to work with him now as well. Her name is Katherin she is like 23, she has had a really rough life.  We contacted her last Friday, over a week ago, and on Tuesday we taught her and put the fetch.  Since that day she has read to Alma decided she didn't understand well enough and has read all the way to 3 Nephi from the beginning again. this was yesterday I believe tomorrow she will finish. She does all the homework we leave her and really wants a new start at life. It is a huge testimony to me that the atonement exist and like President Uchtdorf said we have to Rise Up, all we have to do is Rise up and Take advantage of all we have. Not judge others but only help them. I am so excited to go find more people that the Lord is preparing.  This is His work and His church and we are in the last days.  Now we just need to be the saints.  I love you all and Hope the best for everyone of you!
Love Elder Biesinger

Monday, October 7, 2013

9/30/2013 Letter and Pictures

Hola! so Its a good thing that a picture is worth a thousand words because last week I didn't get to writing this letter because I was sending to many pictures, and not all of them Worked... But to fill you all in from last week!
    The Baptism of Editha! woooo! She was great! I baptized her and my Comp Elder Sheffield Confirmed her.  This is how she wanted it. Her Brother that says he doesn't believe in God came to her baptism, that was good. The story about Editha. So her dad is not in her life at all, her mom got remarried and in May the step dad died. So now it is just Editha and her mom that live at home. Her mom was a less active member and the only member in the whole family. So They wanted to invite family members to the baptism! Well a lot of the family is Evangelical. Her grandma and her aunts said some very ugly things to her.  I guess it was very ugly Edithas mom, Angelinna, said that Editha held it all together until they left, then started balling. Well after the Baptism she got up and bore her testimony, and thanked all for coming. It was very real, and strong. She thanked all those her supported her and thanked Heavenly Father and Jesus for an Answer.  It was really cool, and made the whole thing even better.
But for this week. Well I got transferred. Now I am in the same Zone and only like 20 minutes away. I am in Con Con. it is on the other side of the bay from Quintero. I can see Quintero. I am With Elder Benjamin Cubi he is from Argentina, and is my first Latin Companion. We are opening the area. Con Con is giant, and before only the zone leaders were here. We make four missionaries in the Ward now.  It has been like three months since they had four missionaries. I know it doesn't sound like muck but it makes a big difference.  We don't have many people so we are doing a lot of finding, and just working a lot everyday. Con Con is huge and rich.  There are areas that are richer than a lot of places in the states. (3 car houses BMW status) But its cool we have a Subway, a Papa Johns, a Chilean Walmart and another big store in our area where I can buy root beer!!! :) The problem is entering in houses of wealthy people. We put a fetcha the other day in the street with a lady that has a lot of problem with drugs and everything, we will have to see how it goes with her. Well I love it here and I am doing well I hope everyone is living life to the fullest and is happy!
Love Elder Biesinger

James and his new companion Elder Cubi