Saturday, January 23, 2016

December 22, 2016 with tons of pictures

Buenos Dias.

Today is Tuesday we had the activity for Christmas today with President and another four zones. In total Five of the 14 Zones in the mission were there today a ton of missionaries. It was really cool Presidents mom and step day (his father passed away) and also daughter were there it's cool President played lots of the sports and games with us and we ate and had a good time, we put on little shows and it was really cool. A really good family feeling. We had to take as a Zone potato salad but Chilean style. Every companionship was asked to bring a serving for ten people, a sister here in the Ward helped us out literally Chileans are the most loving when it comes to food it's insane we had servings for like twenty hahaha I'll take her some oatmeal m&m cookies today that I made.

We also had the Ward activity it was really cool the little primary kids did a nativity and it was one of the coolest ones I've ever seen
We have also had LOTS of work with the Zone this week its been a fun time ha

On Friday Saturday and Sunday the 18th 19th and 20th the Mission put on a Christmas Concert in Viña in an amphitheater thing on the Beach. With the best 24 voices and a ballerina (also a sister missionary) a few musical instruments (played by missionaries) they put on a REAL show it was amazing we went on Sunday a few of our investigators and converts and members were there as well is depends on who you ask but somewhere between 1200 to 1600 people also were there it was incredible some real talent.

One of the missionaries from our Zone was helping and practicing with the Choir most of the week so we were in a trio most of the week with a new Elder From California Elder Braithwaite he is a real good kid 19 years old he will be a great missionary it was a good time. Three is a party.

I'm gonna send a bunch of pics now.. but its important that you remember.

I am here Because unto us a Savior was born we was not created into being a Savior as a living man instead he was Chosen because it had to be him we supported him he is the Christ out Savior our Redeemer. Emanuel God with us.  My King. Let us Celebrate and in the coming week put the new Christ (mas) = More in spanish so Put more Christ in our Christmas and in our Goals for the new year.

Love you all

Elder Biesinger

cooking with Elder MacElhaney

a sandich called El Guaton yeah i ate the whole thing its kinda a requirement as a viña missionary

Picture of the Ward activity

At the beach with my Comp

with my comp and Elder Braithwaite at the beach

Pictures of the Mission Concert

                                                                                          After theConcert 

With Elder Marsh from Texas 

More Activity Pictures

December 14, 2016

Buena Buena!

Okay so this week I have been so grateful for sunscreen... Its so SUNNY!
But we had a good week ha it's been a pretty fun time.  On last Monday the assistants gave us a challenge to Invite 50 people to be baptised as a Zone. We only were able to get to 29 being that is was Pday. So we didn't fulfil the Challenge so we asked if they would let us try again on Tuesday but we said look we will do 71 which is the 50 with the 21 that we were missing on Monday.. ha So they said okay.. Anyways on Tuesday it was a way crazy cool day. I don't want you to think that it was just a game. The spirit was really strong in all of the 34 invitations that my comp and I did. It was a good day we found a lot of Good People that really are Chosen from the Lord.
Ha in all the Excitement we even got on a bus and invited all of the People to see the new Video from the church hahah it was a crazy week.
Jimena from the Familia Rosales Rivas She is the Mom (they are three kids like Ages 22-26 and the Two parents) came to church on Sunday it was her third time and Francisco her son 25 years old also has come a few times he like to do Cross fit so that's pretty cool we will probable be doing some cross fit in the mornings now. ha But they are really cool I'm sure we will see some progress there but Jimena has a tumor in her chest and so if you could just keep her in your prayers today they get the results about what tumor it is and what the plan is.

On Friday we had Interchanges and I went with Elder Giustozzi from Argentina to Anibal Pinto haha yeah the same ward where I started. But there are two sectors there with Sisters in my area but it's all right. They had a missionary coordination meeting with a bunch of members and people looked at me kinda funny when I went in they all recognized me but now one said anything about how long it had been only asked how much time I had left, ha but it was a sweet experience.
Anyways my comp is pretty cool to and we have a great time so that's all folks.

Los mejores desos en este tiempo de la Navidad!

Elder Biesinger

James Comp Elder Noah McElhany

Making Pancakes before Zone meeting


James and Elder Giustozzi

December 7, 2015

¡Damas y Caballeros, Señoras y Señores prepárense para escuchar las buenas Nuevas!

Well I have already said this to my dad But I would like you all to 1 either imagine the lyrics to Back in Black by ACDC or to Listen to it hahaha

Here we go..

SO I got Changed and in this very moment I'M BACK IN QUILPUE! ha I'm in the Same Zone where I Started my mission on May 21st 2013 after 6 weeks in the MTC I came to this Zone and on the 2nd of December I came back... ha Now I'm not in the same area. But I'm the Area Called Marga Marga I'm still with the Assignment as ZL and I'm in the same apartment where I did my very fist Interchange (split) the second day of my mission and various times after that. Ha its way cool like its like living and recreating a memory that is so unreal. For example I'm the the same Internet Ciber where I would write these letters every week the only difference is that it's summer time now WAY HOT and the last time I was here it was Winter. 

Well other than that I Left Los Vilos and it was Kinda sad the Fam Hevia is all ready to get Baptized on the 19th so that's Good and I miss the people, and the Ocean, and the Wind mostly because its really hot here. Its literally called the City of the Sun here in Quilpue Ciudad del Sol. 

But my Comp is really Cool he is from Arizona Gilbert his fam now lives in Alpine at least part of them. His name is Elder Noah McElhaney but you pronounce the Mc like Mac not Mic ha. 
We have some Solid investigators here and we are trying to work with them and the Zone to see some Miracles this Change. Elder Herrera my Good buddy from Argentina is in his last Six weeks and he is in out Zone training as well as a few other missionaries that are new and old and another one that I know so I'm really excited about the Future! 
But I'm short on time already because we have to download all the files for the Zone meeting this week and I wanna send y'all some Pictures! 

So that's all for now Folks but know that I love y'all and I'm really happy here 
Miss you guys too

Elder Biesinger

Ya, so no pictures came.....Sorry

Friday, January 1, 2016

November 30, 2016

Well whats up Fam and Friends and Beloved readers haha hopefully there aren't any creepers out there that just like to read my blog....

Anyways I hope everyone had a Good thanksgiving.. the other day coming back from an interchange I saw Three wild turkeys I don't know is they were like Real wild turkeys or just the coloring but the bus refused to stop so that we could have a Thanksgiving Dinner. For real they don't sell turkey here we looked.... only like fake turkey paste in a tube...
But either way I'm really grateful for all that I am, have, and will be able to do in my Existence, thanks to my Father in Heaven and my Savior.
But Quick weekly update.
-We were in the bus on Tuesday and we ran in to two Canadians here on vacation 12 hours north of Vancouver. He had done a foreign exchange here ten years ago. He is now 26 so he came for a reunion. We talked about hunting and Jesus what is Better than that. While he has huge 6x6 mulies in his yard he doesn't want us to visit him so it's okay.. ha
- We Have been teaching the Family Hevia and they were going to be baptised this last Saturday but the mom had to go on an Emergency trip to Antofagasta to sell the House up there she sold is so it was actually a blessing for them. Really cool. This week all is planned for the Baptism.
- Nicolas just received the ASSIGNMENT (not a calling because he is only 17) as the Branch Secretary. He is way excited and so are we what a blessing. He is going to be a big help for the Church.
-Changes are this week and we had a few Missionaries finish there missions this week so we are in a trio with Elder Gillies from Lyman WY right now its been fun. Anyways it's been a great week I'm sure there is a lot more that has happened but those are a few of the tops.

This week as I started the BOM again I read 1 Nephi 5:13 and I wrote after the Verse (Aqui estoy) "Here I am" I feel very grateful to be fulfilling prophecies from the Prophets even though I never Imagined my mission in South America.

Also this passage of Scripture talking about us the members of the Church in the latter days is my thought of the week for you all.

1 Nephi 14:12-14 We all need to put on all the power that the lord will give us. Faith, the Spirit, Priesthood, and the Blessings of the Temple. Love you all Thanks for the support.
Elder Biesinger

The district

With the Correa Daughters Alana y Myra

Nico my Comp and I he graduated from a year of Seminary

With the coordinator of seminary and institute of the mission everyweek we send him an informe