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December 22, 2016 with tons of pictures

Buenos Dias.

Today is Tuesday we had the activity for Christmas today with President and another four zones. In total Five of the 14 Zones in the mission were there today a ton of missionaries. It was really cool Presidents mom and step day (his father passed away) and also daughter were there it's cool President played lots of the sports and games with us and we ate and had a good time, we put on little shows and it was really cool. A really good family feeling. We had to take as a Zone potato salad but Chilean style. Every companionship was asked to bring a serving for ten people, a sister here in the Ward helped us out literally Chileans are the most loving when it comes to food it's insane we had servings for like twenty hahaha I'll take her some oatmeal m&m cookies today that I made.

We also had the Ward activity it was really cool the little primary kids did a nativity and it was one of the coolest ones I've ever seen
We have also had LOTS of work with the Zone this week its been a fun time ha

On Friday Saturday and Sunday the 18th 19th and 20th the Mission put on a Christmas Concert in Viña in an amphitheater thing on the Beach. With the best 24 voices and a ballerina (also a sister missionary) a few musical instruments (played by missionaries) they put on a REAL show it was amazing we went on Sunday a few of our investigators and converts and members were there as well is depends on who you ask but somewhere between 1200 to 1600 people also were there it was incredible some real talent.

One of the missionaries from our Zone was helping and practicing with the Choir most of the week so we were in a trio most of the week with a new Elder From California Elder Braithwaite he is a real good kid 19 years old he will be a great missionary it was a good time. Three is a party.

I'm gonna send a bunch of pics now.. but its important that you remember.

I am here Because unto us a Savior was born we was not created into being a Savior as a living man instead he was Chosen because it had to be him we supported him he is the Christ out Savior our Redeemer. Emanuel God with us.  My King. Let us Celebrate and in the coming week put the new Christ (mas) = More in spanish so Put more Christ in our Christmas and in our Goals for the new year.

Love you all

Elder Biesinger

cooking with Elder MacElhaney

a sandich called El Guaton yeah i ate the whole thing its kinda a requirement as a viña missionary

Picture of the Ward activity

At the beach with my Comp

with my comp and Elder Braithwaite at the beach

Pictures of the Mission Concert

                                                                                          After theConcert 

With Elder Marsh from Texas 

More Activity Pictures

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