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December 7, 2015

¡Damas y Caballeros, Señoras y Señores prepárense para escuchar las buenas Nuevas!

Well I have already said this to my dad But I would like you all to 1 either imagine the lyrics to Back in Black by ACDC or to Listen to it hahaha

Here we go..

SO I got Changed and in this very moment I'M BACK IN QUILPUE! ha I'm in the Same Zone where I Started my mission on May 21st 2013 after 6 weeks in the MTC I came to this Zone and on the 2nd of December I came back... ha Now I'm not in the same area. But I'm the Area Called Marga Marga I'm still with the Assignment as ZL and I'm in the same apartment where I did my very fist Interchange (split) the second day of my mission and various times after that. Ha its way cool like its like living and recreating a memory that is so unreal. For example I'm the the same Internet Ciber where I would write these letters every week the only difference is that it's summer time now WAY HOT and the last time I was here it was Winter. 

Well other than that I Left Los Vilos and it was Kinda sad the Fam Hevia is all ready to get Baptized on the 19th so that's Good and I miss the people, and the Ocean, and the Wind mostly because its really hot here. Its literally called the City of the Sun here in Quilpue Ciudad del Sol. 

But my Comp is really Cool he is from Arizona Gilbert his fam now lives in Alpine at least part of them. His name is Elder Noah McElhaney but you pronounce the Mc like Mac not Mic ha. 
We have some Solid investigators here and we are trying to work with them and the Zone to see some Miracles this Change. Elder Herrera my Good buddy from Argentina is in his last Six weeks and he is in out Zone training as well as a few other missionaries that are new and old and another one that I know so I'm really excited about the Future! 
But I'm short on time already because we have to download all the files for the Zone meeting this week and I wanna send y'all some Pictures! 

So that's all for now Folks but know that I love y'all and I'm really happy here 
Miss you guys too

Elder Biesinger

Ya, so no pictures came.....Sorry

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