Monday, August 31, 2015

August 31, 2015 letter

Hey everybody!
So this week was great!! We had the Baptism of Mabel. How special it was. My compañion baptised her. Everything went well and her Whole family was there so hopefully we will have a few more Baptisms in the weeks to come.

Right after the Baptism we had to travel to Illapel with the District leaders of the Church not the Elders but the District President and Branch Presidents for a meeting in which we had to make a presentation. Traveling in a Car is lots better than the Big tour buses. Traveling for the hour through the hills of Chile filled with Cactus and Goats with the Snow covered Andy's above is something that will engrave me forever. I love my heavenly father for sending me here to This part of his paradise he knows me and he knows what I like. I live with an Ocean view every morning during my studies but about once a week I get to go be at the foot of the mountain. Even though I have an eternal Cold and sometimes every Joint in my body aches I Know that the Gospel is True because it is the Pure purpose of this like and I will share it with all. The Success of a mission and of like is not how many Baptisms one may have but it is rather with How many People I shared what I know and That I share it well.

Thinking about the baptism of Mabel I am amazed to know that she was an old investigator that had been around for years missionaries taught her and left her because she would not progress. By a miracle and the Preparation of God I was able to get here with my comp right in time for the first lesson and watch the miracle progress. She is well on her way she is reading the Book of Mormon in 3 months with us and Sharing the Gospel with everyone. Just like the Star above Jerusalem (Belen) more than 2000 years ago everyone and everything has their moment to shine. God did not just throw that star in there at the last moment It was there before hand but only when the father decided to make it Shine did it reach its Potential. We all have that Potential. But it depends on us. We must do all we can!

Con todo mi amor y cariño
Elder Biesinger

August 24, 2015 letter

Hey all!

So this Week was a great week Mabel Rojas has a baptismal Date for this Sunday. She is Golden She Asks us how things work before we get to the point of teaching them for example the Word of Wisdom, and Tithing saying what things can I not drink? ha So amazing. She went to the temple with the Branch on Saturday and had a great time. Sometimes members say things they shouldn't and she even recognizes that it was a mistake or something stupid and doesn't worry about it. A chosen soul of the Lord.

This week in an Interchange with Elder Ichuta in the other Side of Los Vilos we were walking down the street and a man calls out to us and asks for Help he was a little drunk and he starts to tell us he can't sleep because when he tries to sleep he see memories from when he worked with Pinochet and all the terrible things he did.. (not going to say but it has to do with Commandment number 6) He asked us for help he was obviously in a bad way but a little Crazy as well. He called out to another man passing by on a bike. And said to us watch this. He stared looking for something in his pockets and in his socks the guy got there and he grabbed his finger and twisted it and threaten to hit him. I was thinking oh great he is going to pull out a Knife and then we will have real problems. I went over and side hugged him and said hey let him go he said oh ya okay. Then gave the guy like 10 bucks and the man left. We kept talking. then the man returned and passed him a little white bag. WE went with him to his house and said a prayer I left with his lighter with out him knowing. The next day he asked us to go but we did he was normal (not drunk or drugged) and said he wanted to go to church. We will see what happens.

We had a few other cool lessons with out Ward mission leader who is inactive and another lady Named Norma where after being patient and listening to find a need we were able to solve a problem and see some progress but for times sake I'll just say that its important to really listen to other people to understand them.

This week I have been pretty sick with a cold a Fever and body Aches but with a little medication and Lots of Water I'm doing well. I have learned that sometimes you just gotta stick it out. Lehi and his family were in the journey 11 years before Getting to the Promised land the Israelites 40 years before they left the Wilderness. Sometimes you have to just stick it out for your own mistakes or sometimes because the Lord wants to see your faithfulness before he gives you the Promised Blessing. Sacrifice Brings forth the blessings of Heaven, Patients is a Virtue, Our time is not Gods time and all Blessings come by his hand. We hope to be able to endure all things. Because after all things come the blessings.

I love you guys thanks for the love support and Prayers.
Elder Biesinger

August 17, 2015

Hey everybody so the time is real short for me today but I am doing exelente!
ha But really we have been working at full, doing service in the street and talking with Everyone we can find. It's a small town that has a lot of labels for the Mormons, but with lots of Prayer and working the Lord has blessed us a lot. There was a lot of cool experiences this week we had the monthly Zone meeting, it went really well and was a good time; the Zone is doing well. Being one of the smaller Zones we have one of the greatest distances from one companionship to the other lots of Traveling buts it's a good time.

The Miracle of the Week, so we are teaching a woman named Mabel, She is a 7th day Evangelist and had a lot of questions with Sunday. We taught her a full power lesson on the Sabbath day, taught her how the work sabbath comes from Hebrew and mean rest therefore Saturday was givin the name Saturday because of the Sabbath not the sabbath for Saturday.  How when Christ fulfilled the Law we have to follow his law and the whole Shabang, it was a great lesson. At the end we invited her to pray and promised the answer. She said that she would do it and she would come to Church the next day. She came and all went well. She then called us Sunday night and told us we needed to come by the house because she needed to give us something. When we got there she asked us to sit down... She then gave us way to much to eat (surprisingly) and Told us "I have a mission for you" "I want you to prepare me" we were shocked, having no idea what to say. We recovered and were way excited. She wants to be baptised we are thinking that she will be ready at the end of the month. She is going to the Temple with the Branch this Saturday to be on the Temple grounds. Its a miracle.
Nicolas is also looking like his time is approaching. more on him next week.

I just want you all to know that God Lives and that I am doing great. Love you all

Elder Biesinger

Monday, August 10, 2015

August 10, 2015


Entonces, This week was pretty great as well. I wish I could tell you all that has happened, but there is just too much.. So, I'm here is Los Vilos and it's a pretty cool little town, you gotta take a tour on google maps. Kinda a surfer ocean side town lots of fun, lot less people in the streets than Valpo,but I'll figure out how to find people. We had a pretty big storm hit here this week, that was crazy.

The week started out really good, I went on an interchange in the town called Illapel it's like an hour and 10 minute bus ride into the mountains.  It's about half way to Argentina. Up there I could see the snow line and everything, it's pretty cool. I was with an Elder From Idaho, Elder Cobb he is a wrestler and we were able to talk, turns out we have met a lot of the same people. Then I came back and Wednesday it started to rain in the night. It rained all day Thursday. Thursday afternoon we had to take the Bus to Viña for the ZL council. We were there all day Friday it was really good, I loved It, another Night with the APs, my comp, and Elder Herrera are both Hams from Argentina. Then Elder Hale is another Greengo Wrestler from Idaho.  So, it was a great time. Friday we got back on the bus and got home in time to take the Movie "Meet the Mormons" to Nicolas a kid (17) who always comes to church but his parents recently are going to let him get Baptised. :) He wanted to see the movie with his parents. Friday night there was 75 mph winds with heavy rain. It left a mess knocked out power, and took down trees, destroyed roofs (the housed are not built for that kind of stuff) We slept solid the whole night, only at one point did I wake up, we were way tired. We woke up and there was no power, and it was still pitch Black at 7AM.  So, I went walking to the bathroom and walked into a few inches of water. The house was pretty wet, but we cleaned it all up and headed out. I was going to try and take pics of the mess outside, but it kept raining pretty hard. There was 20ft waves and it was pretty crazy.  They say Viña and Valpo, got wrecked. Sunday 35 People came to church. Then Today Monday we went and played Futbol with Nicolas and the other Elders and another guy named Pedro.
All in all its been a great week.

Gonna try to send lots of Pictures.

Love you all.
Elder Biesinger



Elder Cobb Y Yo

Thursday, August 6, 2015

August 3, 2015

Hola a todos!

Well this week didn't go by very fast, but it was a very cool fun week!

I got Changed. I'll now be working with my New Companion Elder David Fraser From Argentina. He is Completely Argentinean, but with out any Latin Blood hahah.  For 100 years they have lived there, but he is 6ft 4in with blue eyes and brownish blond hair, a little darker than mine. We are working with the Zone Called ILLAPEL (EE YA PEL) We are in the a town called Los Vilos. Its Pretty cool. I don't know it very well yet, because we had a crazy week, but it's a little Branch. There were 50 People that came to Church on Sunday, 6 of us were Missionaries. The truth is I feel like there was maybe 30 people there.

Anyways, so Wednesday was Changes, and they told me my Change and what responsibility I would have, and that my comp was waiting for me in my area.   So, we had to go in the Bus, the Mission rents a Bus that Drop off all the missionaries going to the North. The problem is the bus couldn't leave because there was a missionary that showed up an hour late... So I got to my area at like 10:15 at night. Then the next Day I got to get back on the bus at 7PM to return to Viña for a new Leader Training. I traveled alone. At least I thought, until I got there because there was another sister Missionary on the bus that had got on in at an earlier stop. We had Strict instructions to try to go like a ghost Incognito. But, when I got there I spent the rest of the night running errands with the APs and then Stayed the night with them.  When we finally got the the house is was 12 midnight we had to wake up at 6, but didn't sleep till 1AM, ha it was a great time. The next morning was more of the same running missionaries around and setting up the meeting with the APs, then the Training. It was pretty fun I like Pt. Diaz, it was a good time. Then After the meeting we went to get in the van so they (the APs Elder Hale and Herrera) could take us to the Bus station. Our Bus was supposed to leave at 4, it was already 3:15 the tire was flat.. So, we threw on the Doughnut and went as fast as we could. The Hermana Stack, and I would again be traveling alone separately. We got there they dropped us off and we found out the Bus wouldn't leave until 6..... So we had to wait two hours. It was alright. We got on the but at 6 and took the journey, it was really enjoyable to look out the window and see the Andy mountains above fields and hills and endless Avocado Trees it was amazing. It was the first time I had taken the Bus during light time hours.

All in all I'm loving the Mission the new Experiences are great and I'm really excited for the weeks that come.

Remember that God loves us and all Blessing depend on our obedience.

Also there is a new Mission Blog

Elder Biesinger
 (Note from Mom; James was made Zone Leader in this last Change, that is why he was as the training meetings)

Picture of new Area Los Vilos

New Comp. Elder David Fraser

James, Elder Fraser and two elders that serve in the same Branch

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

July 27, 2015

Wahoo what a week of learning and growing!

So Mirza was not baptised.... She was supposed to be married on the 21st and then baptized on the 26th, but they confused a date when they had to take the witnesses to the Civil registry.  They got there, and they said ya... you're to late.. So that sucked.. But, It just is another lesson for me that things happen, but in the Lords Time. All I can do is, do all I can, and accept the consequences with a smile. I love the mission and I love my God and my Savior.

This week was also my birthday. I had to go on an interchange with my district on Thursday to Friday.  So, I woke up in another bed with another comp, but my comp called and they all sang.. I don't like being sang to... Then when I returned to my area, we and the sister missionaries had planned an activity, and the only day we could do it was my birthday.. I didn't want to be the center of attention, so, I had all who knew it was my birthday under strict control not to do, or say anything.  It went well. We had  a movie (Ephraims rescue) with Completos. I spent the evening making Palta (avocado) into guacamole haha Either way people wished me happy birthday and my companion made me a cake, and then yesterday another fam made a cake and the sang to me.  So, all in all a good week.

Sebastian the 10 year old has now come to church three times we can baptize him at any momento but we are waiting till the end of august to try and get his mom active. The kid is pure gold.

Things are going good all things are in the lords hands, and I'm so glad for the knowledge that I have of my Savior.

Elder Biesinger

The District


Happy Birthday James

Just another day in Paradise