Monday, August 31, 2015

August 24, 2015 letter

Hey all!

So this Week was a great week Mabel Rojas has a baptismal Date for this Sunday. She is Golden She Asks us how things work before we get to the point of teaching them for example the Word of Wisdom, and Tithing saying what things can I not drink? ha So amazing. She went to the temple with the Branch on Saturday and had a great time. Sometimes members say things they shouldn't and she even recognizes that it was a mistake or something stupid and doesn't worry about it. A chosen soul of the Lord.

This week in an Interchange with Elder Ichuta in the other Side of Los Vilos we were walking down the street and a man calls out to us and asks for Help he was a little drunk and he starts to tell us he can't sleep because when he tries to sleep he see memories from when he worked with Pinochet and all the terrible things he did.. (not going to say but it has to do with Commandment number 6) He asked us for help he was obviously in a bad way but a little Crazy as well. He called out to another man passing by on a bike. And said to us watch this. He stared looking for something in his pockets and in his socks the guy got there and he grabbed his finger and twisted it and threaten to hit him. I was thinking oh great he is going to pull out a Knife and then we will have real problems. I went over and side hugged him and said hey let him go he said oh ya okay. Then gave the guy like 10 bucks and the man left. We kept talking. then the man returned and passed him a little white bag. WE went with him to his house and said a prayer I left with his lighter with out him knowing. The next day he asked us to go but we did he was normal (not drunk or drugged) and said he wanted to go to church. We will see what happens.

We had a few other cool lessons with out Ward mission leader who is inactive and another lady Named Norma where after being patient and listening to find a need we were able to solve a problem and see some progress but for times sake I'll just say that its important to really listen to other people to understand them.

This week I have been pretty sick with a cold a Fever and body Aches but with a little medication and Lots of Water I'm doing well. I have learned that sometimes you just gotta stick it out. Lehi and his family were in the journey 11 years before Getting to the Promised land the Israelites 40 years before they left the Wilderness. Sometimes you have to just stick it out for your own mistakes or sometimes because the Lord wants to see your faithfulness before he gives you the Promised Blessing. Sacrifice Brings forth the blessings of Heaven, Patients is a Virtue, Our time is not Gods time and all Blessings come by his hand. We hope to be able to endure all things. Because after all things come the blessings.

I love you guys thanks for the love support and Prayers.
Elder Biesinger

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