Monday, August 10, 2015

August 10, 2015


Entonces, This week was pretty great as well. I wish I could tell you all that has happened, but there is just too much.. So, I'm here is Los Vilos and it's a pretty cool little town, you gotta take a tour on google maps. Kinda a surfer ocean side town lots of fun, lot less people in the streets than Valpo,but I'll figure out how to find people. We had a pretty big storm hit here this week, that was crazy.

The week started out really good, I went on an interchange in the town called Illapel it's like an hour and 10 minute bus ride into the mountains.  It's about half way to Argentina. Up there I could see the snow line and everything, it's pretty cool. I was with an Elder From Idaho, Elder Cobb he is a wrestler and we were able to talk, turns out we have met a lot of the same people. Then I came back and Wednesday it started to rain in the night. It rained all day Thursday. Thursday afternoon we had to take the Bus to Viña for the ZL council. We were there all day Friday it was really good, I loved It, another Night with the APs, my comp, and Elder Herrera are both Hams from Argentina. Then Elder Hale is another Greengo Wrestler from Idaho.  So, it was a great time. Friday we got back on the bus and got home in time to take the Movie "Meet the Mormons" to Nicolas a kid (17) who always comes to church but his parents recently are going to let him get Baptised. :) He wanted to see the movie with his parents. Friday night there was 75 mph winds with heavy rain. It left a mess knocked out power, and took down trees, destroyed roofs (the housed are not built for that kind of stuff) We slept solid the whole night, only at one point did I wake up, we were way tired. We woke up and there was no power, and it was still pitch Black at 7AM.  So, I went walking to the bathroom and walked into a few inches of water. The house was pretty wet, but we cleaned it all up and headed out. I was going to try and take pics of the mess outside, but it kept raining pretty hard. There was 20ft waves and it was pretty crazy.  They say Viña and Valpo, got wrecked. Sunday 35 People came to church. Then Today Monday we went and played Futbol with Nicolas and the other Elders and another guy named Pedro.
All in all its been a great week.

Gonna try to send lots of Pictures.

Love you all.
Elder Biesinger



Elder Cobb Y Yo

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