Monday, August 31, 2015

August 17, 2015

Hey everybody so the time is real short for me today but I am doing exelente!
ha But really we have been working at full, doing service in the street and talking with Everyone we can find. It's a small town that has a lot of labels for the Mormons, but with lots of Prayer and working the Lord has blessed us a lot. There was a lot of cool experiences this week we had the monthly Zone meeting, it went really well and was a good time; the Zone is doing well. Being one of the smaller Zones we have one of the greatest distances from one companionship to the other lots of Traveling buts it's a good time.

The Miracle of the Week, so we are teaching a woman named Mabel, She is a 7th day Evangelist and had a lot of questions with Sunday. We taught her a full power lesson on the Sabbath day, taught her how the work sabbath comes from Hebrew and mean rest therefore Saturday was givin the name Saturday because of the Sabbath not the sabbath for Saturday.  How when Christ fulfilled the Law we have to follow his law and the whole Shabang, it was a great lesson. At the end we invited her to pray and promised the answer. She said that she would do it and she would come to Church the next day. She came and all went well. She then called us Sunday night and told us we needed to come by the house because she needed to give us something. When we got there she asked us to sit down... She then gave us way to much to eat (surprisingly) and Told us "I have a mission for you" "I want you to prepare me" we were shocked, having no idea what to say. We recovered and were way excited. She wants to be baptised we are thinking that she will be ready at the end of the month. She is going to the Temple with the Branch this Saturday to be on the Temple grounds. Its a miracle.
Nicolas is also looking like his time is approaching. more on him next week.

I just want you all to know that God Lives and that I am doing great. Love you all

Elder Biesinger

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