Monday, August 31, 2015

August 31, 2015 letter

Hey everybody!
So this week was great!! We had the Baptism of Mabel. How special it was. My compañion baptised her. Everything went well and her Whole family was there so hopefully we will have a few more Baptisms in the weeks to come.

Right after the Baptism we had to travel to Illapel with the District leaders of the Church not the Elders but the District President and Branch Presidents for a meeting in which we had to make a presentation. Traveling in a Car is lots better than the Big tour buses. Traveling for the hour through the hills of Chile filled with Cactus and Goats with the Snow covered Andy's above is something that will engrave me forever. I love my heavenly father for sending me here to This part of his paradise he knows me and he knows what I like. I live with an Ocean view every morning during my studies but about once a week I get to go be at the foot of the mountain. Even though I have an eternal Cold and sometimes every Joint in my body aches I Know that the Gospel is True because it is the Pure purpose of this like and I will share it with all. The Success of a mission and of like is not how many Baptisms one may have but it is rather with How many People I shared what I know and That I share it well.

Thinking about the baptism of Mabel I am amazed to know that she was an old investigator that had been around for years missionaries taught her and left her because she would not progress. By a miracle and the Preparation of God I was able to get here with my comp right in time for the first lesson and watch the miracle progress. She is well on her way she is reading the Book of Mormon in 3 months with us and Sharing the Gospel with everyone. Just like the Star above Jerusalem (Belen) more than 2000 years ago everyone and everything has their moment to shine. God did not just throw that star in there at the last moment It was there before hand but only when the father decided to make it Shine did it reach its Potential. We all have that Potential. But it depends on us. We must do all we can!

Con todo mi amor y cariño
Elder Biesinger

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