Tuesday, May 24, 2016

May 23, 2016

Hola compatriotas,


This is going to be my last blog entry from Chile I believe when I get home I'll have to put one more on to end it with the Week that is coming because it should be the greatest. ha

Well this week was Good we had our Three investigators in Church again and they all have their Baptism scheduled for this Saturday the 28th at Three o´clock PM. Alonso Ramos, María De Los Ángeles Ipinza Vidal, and Mateo Sanhueza. Praying that all goes well but I know God desires their salvation so he is going to do all the Possible as well are we.

Well I've got a lot to say but no time to say it nor do mere words on a screen fill the magnitude of the feeling or the Situation.
My mission has been an amazing time and I have loved every minute. I'm sure you have heard and remember that they say 10,000 hours of Practice make a person professional in any one thing. I believe that 10,000 hours does it for most things but for Exaltation you need at least that mixed with a refiners fire. God is training everyone of us.
 1 Peter 1:7
That the trial of your faith, being much more precious than of gold that perish, though it be tried with fire,might be found  unto praise and honor and glory at the appearing of Jesus Christ:
Those trials of Faith and of Fire are key in our salvation. There are a lot of things that are so important in the Gospel but in the end we need the Spirit we need the Savior and we need God, we need everything that they Give us.

I know that they live and that they live in this very moment its not a past present or future existence only. It is a Pure Existence and attention.

As I have already said I can't try to do this with my fingers and honestly I doubt I'll be able to do it words. when I get home but I will try.
3 John 1:
13 I had many things to write, but I will not with ink and pen write unto thee:
 14 But I trust I shall shortly see thee, and we shall speak face to face. Peace be to thee. Our friends salute thee. Greet the friends by    name.

Well that's all for now guys I love you and I thank you. If you can remember these three people in your prayers this week for Saturday and that my Compañion and I can be the Instruments in Gods hands to bring them to that day.

Elder Biesinger


May 9, 2016

Hey everyone! So this is the Penultimate.

This week was great like always I'm starting to have really mixed feelings and every once and a while a little heartbreak. We had stake Conference it was great but also a little hard. A lot of people were there that I know. In all honestly I know the Stake of Quilpué about as well if not better than I know Palmyra stake at home. So a lot of people said good bye and thank you and you have a place to go if you decide to come back. ha if only they realized that its not really that easy to just drop that Cash and get here even for Gringos. haha No they know but it's funny. I'm sure ill make it someday.

Monday we were with the Fam Sanhueza my comp and I made a circle of eternal progression and we talked about that with them applying the commandments. Then on Wednesday their other Daughter went to Canada to join with her sister. Leaving the Parents and Mateo alone. ha they were all a little sad. But we are all going good Praying a lot for the Baptism of Mateo on the 28th. and That his dad can be ready to confirm him.

We also had a few lessons with a family that we found. Juan and Eliana Gonzalez Valencia they are really good people, On Thursday we gave a Zone challenge from Preach my Gospel based on Chapter 9 Go about doing good. we were praying the whole day to be able to do an unplanned service. We got a cool chance with them (Juan and Eliana) we Helped clean their patio and work on their car then taught them a lesson of the Plan of Salvation.

We also taught Alonso the Commandments this week. Ha he is a kid and he thinks he has a problem with Tea and Coffee he is great. It went well.

María De Los Ángeles and Luis Ipinza Vidal are really great they went to the stake conference both Saturday and Sunday (Sunday Alonso and his fam and Mateo and his fam both went as well.) But María de los Ángeles and Luis sent us a message this morning saying that they had an interview with Bishop yesterday and that she will be baptized on the 28th at 3pm. ha we were pretty happy. We had a cool lesson about Tithing with them. It was pretty emotional I'm really glad that even thought they might not realize it my parents taught me about Tithing when I was little.

Also this week.
Interchanges with Elder Wesley Gould from Spanish Fork,
Elder Hansen cut the end of his Finger off.
It was really Cold and Rained a little more.
Jorge Fernandez is Doing Awesome! He sang in the stake Choir.

All in all a great week! Love you Guys!

Elder Biesinger

It's Cold

Eler Gould from Maple Mountain

Marta Galvez, Jorge Fernandez, Elder Hansen and I

James found his vitamins from 3 years ago haha

may 2, 2016

Hey everyone!

So this week!
Monday: We learned how to make some Chilean food and we had a good time! Then at proselyting time we had a lot to do and it went pretty well.
Tuesday:  We had Zone meeting where we have to give the capacitations of President Díaz and his Wife and the office it went well. I like going back over and being able to learn more by teaching it.
Wednesday: We went to visit the Familia Sanhueza. They dad Marco has Asked that I baptize as my last Baptism his son Mateo, and that he confirms him. It might sound weird but it was a really spiritual lesson and I was almost uncomfortable but it was great they are a special family. Love them a lot.
We also had a few other lessons that were really good but the best moments with them were later in the week.
Thursday: I had to go to Valparaíso. The mission secretary accidentally paid A LOT of money that he didn't have to pay while doing my visa. being that I am a special case. So I had to go with him to the Government and sign a paper to get the money back. It was awesome to walk around in the city again. He had a lot of Things to do so we got an Ice Cream as we walked around. Then we had planning and some good lessons.
Friday: We had an interchange I was with Elder Veloso the one that lost his Appendix. haha it went really well I enjoyed it.
Saturday: We taught María de Los Ángeles and her Husband Luis. She is about to be Baptized. But its really not to sure yet.
On Sunday she came to church and everything but then after was having doubts... We Marked a part (Moroni 7-10) in her BOM that the Bishops Daughter (Her Cousin) told her to read and told her to Pray about it. We still don't know what is going to happen.
Sunday: We Visited Bishop he is doing okay but is really banged up. He got lucky there are people that say we was Held up in the air and laid back down. He Could have died or could be a veggie. But he is really well he came to sacrament meeting.
We also taught María Ines on Sunday she is an Investigator of 12 Years that is really sooooo Close to making the decision to be a member.. We read D and C 84:74 with her in a very very loving way and taught her about Eternal Progress.

Well if you can all Please Pray for the following people!!!

María De Los Angeles and Luis Ipinza (Investigator and her Husband member)

Mateo and Marco Sanhueza (Investigator and his Dad Member)

Alonso Ramos (Investigator)

María Ines (Investigator)

That would be awesome!

Love  you all!

Elder Biesinger

Doing exercises

James Friend! Hope he doesn't come home with him

April 25, 2016

Hey everyone!

So no, I did not get Changed I'm Still here in Marga Marga and my Comp is still Elder Hansen. I'm glad that It all stayed the same things are going good here and I love the People here a lot it would be sad to leave.

So this week was filled full but just a quick update from last week now that I am all healthy and good. So I had had Bronchitis for like a Month and a half but it came and went so I just kinda ignored it until it got bad and well they sent me to the Doctor to get some meds and stuff. It was all good and I was getting better then I took an amoxicillin that was the wrong one and it was actually an amoxicillin that had Penicillin, I took it Thursday night like almost two weeks ago and Friday was a rough day long story short I went to the Hospital on Saturday morning and they had to give me some injections and what not.

But this week was great this dog followed us around and started killing cats so we had to save a few cats and it was not a good thing.
Our Bishop Got hit by a car. He is doing well now but it was pretty scary.
We had council and it was really good. We are still working with Maria de Los Angeles and Mateo and Alonso and Maria Ines so if you wanna pray for them it would be awesome especially for them and their families.

It also rained more so that was fun.

Anyways long story short I'm loving the mission and all is great!

Love Elder Biesinger

James allergic reaction, not even at it's worst.

April 18, 2016

Buena buena
 This week was Pretty Crazy. So I have had some bronchitis that is pretty hard to cure as a missionary when staying in the house to avoid the rain and cold is an option just not one that I am going to prefer or one that I chose. So its been fun. But now I'm feeling a lot better basically all FULL. Tuesday we had a good day basically everyone we talked to had been an investigator before in there life and remembered a lot about the Church and basically just confessed that they were never baptized because there did not want to commit to it. but it was cool because we really had some good lessons and got some Good Investigators out of it we will see. After that the week was kinda a Blur. On Thursday it started to Rain and it rained a lot especially on Sunday it rained the WHOLE DAY.
Jorge was confirmed a member of La Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Últimos Días on Sunday it was a cool thing he is doing Great. We also are now working with another fam. We got a cool Reference of a returned missionary that has been inactive for some time that is now returning to activity his son is 9 (Alonso) So we taught him yesterday Alonsos Dad is a nice guy named Jimmy (yes Jimmy) Jimmys father (Hermano Ramos) is the High Priest Group leader in the Ward and his wife (Hermana Ramos) is an Angel. She is the Good Chilean Woman. She wakes up early every Sunday and makes the Break for the Sacrament. She is one of my Favorites when we eat lunch with them its one of those that you just enjoy. There are a lot of People here that I love like that. People that really are Good.
Anyways that was Basically my Week! Love you Guys a lot and I hope you have a great week!

Love Elder Biesinger

We got Chinese food

The Zone

April 11, 2016

Hey everyone!!

So yesterday was 3 YEARS since I entered the MTC. Jorge Fernandez was also baptized yesterday. That was a gift from the Lord. I know it was.
Over these last three years I have been so blessed. It is the Truth that God loves his children.

So this week was spent in a lot of lessons and Getting Jorge Ready for his baptism he has been doing it all. Literally he had gone five months with out a Job he starts living the Gospel Quits smoking and with in a week he has a Job Monday through Friday 8-6 (perfect Chilean hours) He doesn't have to work Sundays ever and he is able to attend institute at night. When Elder Holland said that the First commandment was to love God and the First truth is that God Loves us. HE COULD NOT HAVE BEEN MORE CORRECT NOR INSPIRED. God loves us with all of his Hear Might Mind and Strength. What do we do for him HOW DO WE LOVE HIM? For three years its been ups and Downs lows and Highs but never have I felt as if God didn't love me. YES I have been Put in Ovens of affliction. But only for a time and only for my good to harden my steel.
This week for Jorges interview we decided to do it in the Chapel of Anibal Pinto because the Elder that did the Interview Elder Hernandez is there and they had another meeting. While there I was reconnected with many of my favorite people I felt a strong confirmation that this is not just a "Time away from home" Or "a Mission". The Mission is much more.
I am Grateful.
Love you all

Elder Biesinger

                                   A service we have been working on putting in a septic tank.

Baptism of Jorge Fernandez

April 4, 2016

This week was pretty Crazy in all honesty Weeks go by and Sometimes I forget what the date is or what the day of the week is. But I sure did enjoy conference. It Turned Out well . I really loved the messages and one in particular obviously as a missionary the ones that teach about Baptism are always killers so Elder Bednars talk was a great one. Especially Being that I had just Read  3 Nephi 19: 28-29

28 Father, I thank thee that thou hast purified those whom I have chosen,   because of their faith, and I pray for them, and also for them who shall   believe on their words,that they may be purified in me, through faith on their words, even as they are purified in me.

 29 Father, I pray not for the world, but for those whom  thou hast given me out of the world, because of their   faith, that they may be purified in   me,   that I may be in them as thou, Father, art in me, that we may be one, that I may be glorified in them.

Also Its important that we can fortify our relationship with God For if not we will not feel the Closeness to him like what was also mentioned the receiver that is found far from the Giver feeleth Entitled.

This week was Great we actually received a great reference Named Jorge Fernandez he came to every session he Quick smoking 5 days ago and we are working a lot with him. It has Gone well he was an investigator for like a week in another part of the mission and is preparing for a Baptismal date of April 10th. All is well.

Love you guys!


Elder Biesinger 🐝

My Comp Elder Hansen