Sunday, May 22, 2016

March 7, 2016

Hey everyone! 
So this Week was another fast one surprise right..

Ha Monday was a good day. Its important to remember the simple Miracles of the fact the Spirit tells you where to go what to do and what to say. We had about nothing left to do for the night and it was 8:30 so we went looking for some people on the list and found a Guy named Felipe he was really receptive. He has his issues and Temptations which are different.. but recognizes that he needs to get closer to God. He has not talked to God for 10 years... He cried a little when we taught the power of Prayer. way cool.

Tuesday we had Zone meeting we (my comp and I) made like 65 brownies.. ha By the end of the day they were all gone. But it was a good meeting. 

Wednesday we Taught a man Named José His wife is the stake Relief Soc. President. He has been an Investigator for 12 Years. He says he needs to feel that it is the right decision. He goes to Church almost every week. We are going to start from square one with him. Its just been hard to nail down visits with him. Lots of traveling is basically his life/job title. 

Thursday we had some pretty good lessons including Familia Sanhueza. They are really special I love them A lot. We got there and they were trying to do like a million things so we could share what we had so we went and washed all the dishes. ha then shared.

Friday I was with Elder Hernandez from Santiago. He is one of Our District leaders It was an enjoyable experience to learn about Chileans one on one. Ha I like to ask questions. Even when I already know the Answers. 

Saturday... was a hard day I was SOOOOO dead. I actually got home planned for the next day and crashed in bed while my comp sat there and finished the Nightly calls. Ha So bad. 

Sunday was great I felt alive again. We were able to teach quite a few people and with my comp we saw a few cool little miracles. We prayed specifically for a few things and there were all completed but it required action. Like receiving a reference from a member and Giving a BOM to a receptive Person. 

Anyways its been a great week. My Comp is like the Energizer bunny everyone in a while. Except after lunch hahaha its a great time. we make people laugh and feel good and we also make people Cry. Now this week I just Pray that we can Bring those people to make commitments that lead to Christ. Like all the other weeks. Life as a missionary is full of that and its the best feeling. 

Well Esto es Todo.


Did some yard clean up and found a BBQ!

Elder Hernandez and I

The Zone

Elder Biesinger 🐝

Los Amo

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