Tuesday, May 24, 2016

May 23, 2016

Hola compatriotas,


This is going to be my last blog entry from Chile I believe when I get home I'll have to put one more on to end it with the Week that is coming because it should be the greatest. ha

Well this week was Good we had our Three investigators in Church again and they all have their Baptism scheduled for this Saturday the 28th at Three o´clock PM. Alonso Ramos, María De Los Ángeles Ipinza Vidal, and Mateo Sanhueza. Praying that all goes well but I know God desires their salvation so he is going to do all the Possible as well are we.

Well I've got a lot to say but no time to say it nor do mere words on a screen fill the magnitude of the feeling or the Situation.
My mission has been an amazing time and I have loved every minute. I'm sure you have heard and remember that they say 10,000 hours of Practice make a person professional in any one thing. I believe that 10,000 hours does it for most things but for Exaltation you need at least that mixed with a refiners fire. God is training everyone of us.
 1 Peter 1:7
That the trial of your faith, being much more precious than of gold that perish, though it be tried with fire,might be found  unto praise and honor and glory at the appearing of Jesus Christ:
Those trials of Faith and of Fire are key in our salvation. There are a lot of things that are so important in the Gospel but in the end we need the Spirit we need the Savior and we need God, we need everything that they Give us.

I know that they live and that they live in this very moment its not a past present or future existence only. It is a Pure Existence and attention.

As I have already said I can't try to do this with my fingers and honestly I doubt I'll be able to do it words. when I get home but I will try.
3 John 1:
13 I had many things to write, but I will not with ink and pen write unto thee:
 14 But I trust I shall shortly see thee, and we shall speak face to face. Peace be to thee. Our friends salute thee. Greet the friends by    name.

Well that's all for now guys I love you and I thank you. If you can remember these three people in your prayers this week for Saturday and that my Compañion and I can be the Instruments in Gods hands to bring them to that day.

Elder Biesinger


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