Tuesday, May 24, 2016

March 14, 2016

Hey everyone!

This was a week that really put us to the challenge. For real, we felt like there was like no time for anything and we worked hard and did our best but it was pretty rough until yesterday. Then It went better. I hope this upswing keeps going. and that gravity doesn't kick in.

Monday was good.
Then Tuesday, we had borrowed a Shovel to fix the yard and I totally Broke it... So that sucked. We do yard work at like 6:30 in the morning.. But this morning I finally had gathered together all the tools to fix the shovel but I forgot to take a picture of it. ha its amazing how well it turned out. we also had some pretty good lessons on Tuesday with some investigators and less actives.

Wednesday We had lunch way out in the campo (country.) it was good It's with our new Mission Leader. that day we also had to make an emergency run to the Pharmacy and take some Meds to an Elder that was fun.

Thursday we had a good lesson with José, he is an investigator of years that finally we found out that he doesn't even believe that the Bible is valid so we are now starting very very over. But its awesome I love the Guy a lot.
Also basically the whole Zone is sick so there was a lot of calls that day.

Friday: we did some service Painting a fence and had an interchange they cut all the water in our sector so that was fun... We taught the WHole Sanhueza Family about obedience so that was a way cool lesson. They all have been coming to church.

Saturday we watched a recording of the Broadcast Elder Bednar and the area presidency gave to the Missionaries. Pure power.

Sunday we had A "multi Stake conference" presided in Salt Lake with all of Chile by Elder Nelson. Way cool too. He spoke in Spanish. He speaks pretty well and even thought you can see his age he sure is a strong man.
the Conference was Held in Anibal Pinto so I sat down on the very bench where I sat my very first Sunday in Chile Only then I didn't understand Anything now I do. It was cool too to see the people of the stake that after so long they still remember and I still love them.

Anyways Life is GOOD:

Love you Guys

Elder Biesinger

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