Tuesday, May 24, 2016

March 28, 2016

Hey hey ya!

So this was a good Week we had some good lessons. María De los Angeles came to Church and she stayed for classes and it was awesome she is really realizing how true this all is and she is just hesitant in accept the answer I think but Conference should fix that.. 

Today we went out into the Hills and Gathered some Fruit with Mateo. Higo Mandarinas y Mora. it was a good time the Chilean forest is pretty crazy. 

All in all We don't really have to much time some elders just Called and they locked themselves inside a church so now we gotta go help them.. But we saw a lot of Miracles this week. We had an interesting experience with Less active family that has not been able to sleep due to night terrors. Nothing to Crazy but you sure can discern Good From Evil and that makes you feel Close to God. 
 I took a bunch of videos idk if they will make it to the Blog but there you can see a little more. We have been very blessed but also with experiences crazy. On Thursday we had Zone Conference with President and his Wife. They are so great. the Díazs. But after we took two hours to make a 25 minute trip. Thursday Chile played Argentina so the streets were a parking lot with people trying to get home. We had to go from Achupallas to Quilpué normally that's really easy this time we had to go to Viña and then Go to Quilpué because all the Busses were so full. They were filled with all kinds of People so we got some good Contacts in at least. 

Well much love! 

Chou Elder Biesinger🐝

The videos won't load onto the blog. I have tried sorry.

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