Tuesday, May 24, 2016

May 9, 2016

Hey everyone! So this is the Penultimate.

This week was great like always I'm starting to have really mixed feelings and every once and a while a little heartbreak. We had stake Conference it was great but also a little hard. A lot of people were there that I know. In all honestly I know the Stake of Quilpué about as well if not better than I know Palmyra stake at home. So a lot of people said good bye and thank you and you have a place to go if you decide to come back. ha if only they realized that its not really that easy to just drop that Cash and get here even for Gringos. haha No they know but it's funny. I'm sure ill make it someday.

Monday we were with the Fam Sanhueza my comp and I made a circle of eternal progression and we talked about that with them applying the commandments. Then on Wednesday their other Daughter went to Canada to join with her sister. Leaving the Parents and Mateo alone. ha they were all a little sad. But we are all going good Praying a lot for the Baptism of Mateo on the 28th. and That his dad can be ready to confirm him.

We also had a few lessons with a family that we found. Juan and Eliana Gonzalez Valencia they are really good people, On Thursday we gave a Zone challenge from Preach my Gospel based on Chapter 9 Go about doing good. we were praying the whole day to be able to do an unplanned service. We got a cool chance with them (Juan and Eliana) we Helped clean their patio and work on their car then taught them a lesson of the Plan of Salvation.

We also taught Alonso the Commandments this week. Ha he is a kid and he thinks he has a problem with Tea and Coffee he is great. It went well.

María De Los Ángeles and Luis Ipinza Vidal are really great they went to the stake conference both Saturday and Sunday (Sunday Alonso and his fam and Mateo and his fam both went as well.) But María de los Ángeles and Luis sent us a message this morning saying that they had an interview with Bishop yesterday and that she will be baptized on the 28th at 3pm. ha we were pretty happy. We had a cool lesson about Tithing with them. It was pretty emotional I'm really glad that even thought they might not realize it my parents taught me about Tithing when I was little.

Also this week.
Interchanges with Elder Wesley Gould from Spanish Fork,
Elder Hansen cut the end of his Finger off.
It was really Cold and Rained a little more.
Jorge Fernandez is Doing Awesome! He sang in the stake Choir.

All in all a great week! Love you Guys!

Elder Biesinger

It's Cold

Eler Gould from Maple Mountain

Marta Galvez, Jorge Fernandez, Elder Hansen and I

James found his vitamins from 3 years ago haha

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