Tuesday, May 24, 2016

April 25, 2016

Hey everyone!

So no, I did not get Changed I'm Still here in Marga Marga and my Comp is still Elder Hansen. I'm glad that It all stayed the same things are going good here and I love the People here a lot it would be sad to leave.

So this week was filled full but just a quick update from last week now that I am all healthy and good. So I had had Bronchitis for like a Month and a half but it came and went so I just kinda ignored it until it got bad and well they sent me to the Doctor to get some meds and stuff. It was all good and I was getting better then I took an amoxicillin that was the wrong one and it was actually an amoxicillin that had Penicillin, I took it Thursday night like almost two weeks ago and Friday was a rough day long story short I went to the Hospital on Saturday morning and they had to give me some injections and what not.

But this week was great this dog followed us around and started killing cats so we had to save a few cats and it was not a good thing.
Our Bishop Got hit by a car. He is doing well now but it was pretty scary.
We had council and it was really good. We are still working with Maria de Los Angeles and Mateo and Alonso and Maria Ines so if you wanna pray for them it would be awesome especially for them and their families.

It also rained more so that was fun.

Anyways long story short I'm loving the mission and all is great!

Love Elder Biesinger

James allergic reaction, not even at it's worst.

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