Tuesday, May 24, 2016

April 11, 2016

Hey everyone!!

So yesterday was 3 YEARS since I entered the MTC. Jorge Fernandez was also baptized yesterday. That was a gift from the Lord. I know it was.
Over these last three years I have been so blessed. It is the Truth that God loves his children.

So this week was spent in a lot of lessons and Getting Jorge Ready for his baptism he has been doing it all. Literally he had gone five months with out a Job he starts living the Gospel Quits smoking and with in a week he has a Job Monday through Friday 8-6 (perfect Chilean hours) He doesn't have to work Sundays ever and he is able to attend institute at night. When Elder Holland said that the First commandment was to love God and the First truth is that God Loves us. HE COULD NOT HAVE BEEN MORE CORRECT NOR INSPIRED. God loves us with all of his Hear Might Mind and Strength. What do we do for him HOW DO WE LOVE HIM? For three years its been ups and Downs lows and Highs but never have I felt as if God didn't love me. YES I have been Put in Ovens of affliction. But only for a time and only for my good to harden my steel.
This week for Jorges interview we decided to do it in the Chapel of Anibal Pinto because the Elder that did the Interview Elder Hernandez is there and they had another meeting. While there I was reconnected with many of my favorite people I felt a strong confirmation that this is not just a "Time away from home" Or "a Mission". The Mission is much more.
I am Grateful.
Love you all

Elder Biesinger

                                   A service we have been working on putting in a septic tank.

Baptism of Jorge Fernandez

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