Tuesday, May 24, 2016

may 2, 2016

Hey everyone!

So this week!
Monday: We learned how to make some Chilean food and we had a good time! Then at proselyting time we had a lot to do and it went pretty well.
Tuesday:  We had Zone meeting where we have to give the capacitations of President Díaz and his Wife and the office it went well. I like going back over and being able to learn more by teaching it.
Wednesday: We went to visit the Familia Sanhueza. They dad Marco has Asked that I baptize as my last Baptism his son Mateo, and that he confirms him. It might sound weird but it was a really spiritual lesson and I was almost uncomfortable but it was great they are a special family. Love them a lot.
We also had a few other lessons that were really good but the best moments with them were later in the week.
Thursday: I had to go to Valparaíso. The mission secretary accidentally paid A LOT of money that he didn't have to pay while doing my visa. being that I am a special case. So I had to go with him to the Government and sign a paper to get the money back. It was awesome to walk around in the city again. He had a lot of Things to do so we got an Ice Cream as we walked around. Then we had planning and some good lessons.
Friday: We had an interchange I was with Elder Veloso the one that lost his Appendix. haha it went really well I enjoyed it.
Saturday: We taught María de Los Ángeles and her Husband Luis. She is about to be Baptized. But its really not to sure yet.
On Sunday she came to church and everything but then after was having doubts... We Marked a part (Moroni 7-10) in her BOM that the Bishops Daughter (Her Cousin) told her to read and told her to Pray about it. We still don't know what is going to happen.
Sunday: We Visited Bishop he is doing okay but is really banged up. He got lucky there are people that say we was Held up in the air and laid back down. He Could have died or could be a veggie. But he is really well he came to sacrament meeting.
We also taught María Ines on Sunday she is an Investigator of 12 Years that is really sooooo Close to making the decision to be a member.. We read D and C 84:74 with her in a very very loving way and taught her about Eternal Progress.

Well if you can all Please Pray for the following people!!!

María De Los Angeles and Luis Ipinza (Investigator and her Husband member)

Mateo and Marco Sanhueza (Investigator and his Dad Member)

Alonso Ramos (Investigator)

María Ines (Investigator)

That would be awesome!

Love  you all!

Elder Biesinger

Doing exercises

James Friend! Hope he doesn't come home with him

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