Sunday, March 6, 2016

February 29, 2016 Leap Day

Buenas Hey everyone!

So this week was really Crazy!
Monday flew by

Tuesday we had A LOT to do. Service then lunch then abunch of lessons.

Wednesday was Changes Elder McElhaney left and went to another sector. It was kinda sad we got to be good Friends. But I got another comp now his name is Elder Hansen from Tooele! SO many Utah comps! ha He has 10 months in the mission and he is a great missionary he is really excited and is should be a good Change. Normally changes are 6 weeks but this one will be 8 due to the churches world wide change in the time that missionaries are in the MTC. So we are excited to have a bunch of time to work! Wednesday morning we also went on a run out in the Chilean wilderness to start out the day. I'll send Pics.

Thursday flew by with weekly planning and starting off the Change. Then we had a bunch of lessons. This week we finished off all the Lessons with Mateo and he passed his Baptismal interview. But now we are waiting a bit to finish getting the Dad ready so that the whole family is ready and Active so he can baptize his son. Its going well.

Friday we had Council with President. It was a great time its always enjoyable. President has so much knowledge of the BOM and the Scriptures. I guess thats Expected when your proffession is teaching the Gospel.

Saturday we had a good day as well part of the day we helped out with the Baptism of 8 Year old Antonia she is the Daughter of a family that we have recently been working with that is coming back to church! It was really cool. So cool to see the family feel the Spirit they even invited their neighbor so we will see if that is a lead.
We also gave a Blessing to a recently returned Missionary that severed in Argentina he was in the mission where Elder Fraser lives and Actually was in their Branch. While I was with Elder Fraser. He was hit by a car and was pretty bad in the Hospital its such a small world. But I know he will get out of there just fine it was a strong moment. Just after the head nurse came over and started to get upset because it was us two and the mom she only wanted two people in there at a time but when we left we went and specifically apologized and she changed completely.

On Sunday it was a good day one of the highlights we went to a Less active Sisters house her son is in the mission we got there and her brother who is Deaf and Mute was there with his future wife who is also Deaf and Mute. My comp knew a tiny bit of Sign that he had learned in an interchange where they taught other people deaf and mute. We figured out how to teach them with the Help of the Sister and another member who is their Adopted Brother via skype we got there just in time and they were already connected with him. They are going to read because the man knows how to read then he will translate it to her. They are going to waite for their baby to be born and then they want to be married and Baptised it was a really cool moment My comp has a lot of energy and just lit up in that lesson it was cool i learned quite a bit of Signing. Gift of Tounges not just for the mouth.

Love you Guys I hope yall have a great week!


Elder Biesinger

James and Elder McElhaney out for a early morning run

Running by the early Morning moon light.

Baptism of Antonia!

James and Elder Hansen

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