Sunday, March 6, 2016

February 22, 2016

Hey everyone! Well this week we are really really short on time my bad we went to eat lunch with a family that lives in our area and it went a little long and then the Internet shops in our area were all closed so we had to run down to the Centro.

This week was a fun week yesterday when we got home From Church there was a big fire in the middle of a ton of houses burning the hill side. The Air fighters were bombing it with water. By the time we got over there it was all out. They got it just in time. It burnt right up to the back yards of the houses and scorched a few fences.

In an interchange with Elder Gould (from Spanish Fork, Maple Mountain High school He was in Jake's Orchestra class) we were in this like way off in the boonies part of town up on top of this hill working and all the Flaites always get together in the buss stops and drink and smoke they stated yelling saying they needed a "consult" its a common word in Spanish. We went over and there were two women in there 60s from Switzerland that didn't speak any Spanish looking for someone to give them directions... They were really Lost.... Good thing the only two gringos with in five miles showed up just in time (the other greengos being other missionaries. hahaha) Luckily we knew how to send them where they wanted to go. It was  like a good Hour and a half away.. ha

In English class we taught head shoulders knees and toes.. hahahaha way funny.

We had to go to the Sisters pensions this week to install a full alarm systems with motion detectors on the doors and in the house... yeah with a siren and control panel.... It had its learning curve but we figured it out. Also how to turn the siren off... Poor neighbors...

We went to do some service and the Hermano hooked me up to this huge machine that is supposed to cut the weeds down I felt like Robbo Cop. the Machine didn't work the blade was really dull and he didn't wanna have us sharpen it. (No arguing with a Chilean) so we grabbed the Hoes and went to work we got that ditch sparking in a manner of minutes. We wake up a half hour early and get a sweat going in the mornings. I'm still out of shape but its getting there.

We have English class at 8 on Tuesdays at 7:55 were finishing a lesson about 55 minutes away walking. (It was really important.) As we left we were praying for  a taxi to pass by with is not even likely nor really possible in that part of the sector you have to walk about ten minutes to find one. We walked one block and caught one perfectly what a blessing. Well guys I love you all I hope you have a great week. We are working a lot with Jimena she has a lot of Opposition from her Brothers and sisters but knows what she has to do. Also Mateo is coming along great we shall see the goal completed soon his mom called us the other day and thanked us because he is really excited and is studying and learning a ton all on his own. its such a blessing.

Love you

Elder Biesinger Chou



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