Tuesday, February 16, 2016

February 15, 2016

Well hey everyone!

So Lately Its Been a GRIND really though these last few months I have Been doing my best to talk to all the People we can. Telling everyone. We have seen some real different reactions. And of course we have been very blessed. Now we are here looking over things and hoping that In this week our investigators will decide to receive the Bread of Life, the Atonement, Forgiveness, a new life, a second chance. Christ.

The sun here Sits on top of you. People sometimes thing that out faces our so red because there is something wrong with us. hahaha but no its just the sun.

So principally there were a few cool things this week.

We made a ton of Brownies and Took them around to investigators and Converts. We got some Cool Reactions. :)

Elder Texeira of the 70 and Area Presidency came on a Mission tour. What a powerful Conference we had. He shared some stories and helped us see the Way to the Missions Goal he talked about not putting Goals that don't go inline with our leaders and Gods will. As a mission we are trying to get to the Goal of 100 Baptisms in one month. We high average about 50. ha so we have somethings to change. Started with teaching a bigger pool of people and teaching more lessons per week. The Goal is to teach 21 lessons (focused on our investigators and their progress) every week this week we Got 16 so we will make some more bounds.

Wednesday we had a lesson with The familia Sanhueza. We brought the High Priest Group leader. WHAT A LESSON. The spirit was really strong tears were shed and Hearts were changed We are now teaching Mateo the lessons so that he can Be baptized soon He is Gold. His sisters are going to Canada for a year and the family had decided to work to the goal of Being sealed when they get home. What Joy fills the Soul of to see other souls come unto repentance. If I could have moments like that everyday for the rest of forever I would be to blessed. But its possible at least personally. We should always study the Scriptures with the Spirit especially with a mind of Repentance for all have fallen short of the Glory of God. I know that it takes faith, Through Faith we obey, for LOVE.

Love you guys I Hope everyone has a great week.
Elder Biesinger

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