Tuesday, February 16, 2016

January 18, 2016

Hey People! 

So lets talk about Tan Lines.. ha like for real. SO BURNT: (even though i use about a gallon of Sun Block a week.)

So its been really Hot like if you look on any weather app about the temperature here in Quilpue DON'T BELIEVE IT its a LIE. It normally says like in the 80s but its gotta be like high 90s The sweat gathers up on your eye brows and you flip in on the ground and with in 25 seconds it is all evaporated.. ha The City of the Sun lives up to its name!

We had leader Council this week it was pretty fun! putting new goals trying to find one New investigator per day. Big Goals but its a leaders job to Give the example and make people want to participate so we have been working really hard (like always) just now with a vision slightly different that we can sort through all the people to find the right ones. Basically the same thing as always just with a new idea.

I feel like its been awhile since I've talked about contacts but its cause its all about the same.. 
But the Family Rosales Rivas is doing okay We just need to be able to teach the whole fam. We have most contact with Jimena and she is Gold she had her tumor removed and is doing better but if you could just have them all in your prayers so that they can make the decision on their own. She is about recovered to the point of being able to be baptised. But their names are Jimena (mama) Francisco (papa) Francisco (hijo 25) Emannuel (hijo 22) Carolina (hija 23) Maitte (Hija de francisco hijo 9) That would be alot of help to have them in your prayers and that
 we can be put in contact of those that are prepared.

Ha the other day we got on the bus and these two guys got on the bus with this speaker and they asked for Three words one of them asked me so I said "Superman" they then preceded to do a improv freestyle rap on the bus It was pretty entertaining they even invited people to read the Book of Mormon. Ha being nice and playing into people pays off. 

Anyways It was a great week! Love you Guys!

Elder Biesinger

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