Tuesday, February 16, 2016

January 4, 2016

¡Feliz Año Nuevo!

Bueno amigos y family I hope that you all had a great new years and that you were all able to enjoy the vacations!

This week was awesome but really I'm so Short on time once again its the first of the month and some of the Info that we have to send never came through so we have got to format it real quick! 

So Quick download! For new years eve we went to ANIBAL PINTO B where i started my mission! ha yeah with my very first Chilean mom and Brothers! It was awesome! We got permission to have a few missionaries be there because a bunch of us started in Anibal Pinto and the Hermana Marcela is like our mom down here! So we just had to be in the house by 11 Pm. 

It was a blast ill send pictures!

Also we had some experiences that were really cool where the spirit was so strong that i will have to tell you about one day.

We went to the hospital to Give a Less Active sister a blessing from another Zone that we had never met. It was a really Cool Experience that I wont be forgetting. Nothing to crazy but just very confirming that what we are doing is the best.

I am so Glad to be here sometimes I have to correct myself and I have done that.

In Spanish its Heart Soul Mind and Strength! 
Serving with the last two can be easy just be smart and diligent but the Soul can be harder and the Heart is what God Asks for. But it is also where the Treasure is. When we Give God our heart He opens the Treasure Box!

Love you Guys!

Have a great week and Year!

Elder Biesinger!

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