Tuesday, February 16, 2016

January 11, 2016

Hey hey

So its been another good week! Pretty fast it was week 6 so that means that Changes are this week I assume that my comp and I will be staying put. But there could be any surprise. 

So this week we had the Baptism for Jimena Rivas planned on Tuesday because she wanted to be baptised before her operation which was going to be Wednesday to Thursday in the hospital to take a tumor out. Everything was ready and on Monday we were going to have the Interview. But It just felt weird that's why I didn't say much about it last week.. Anyways she called us and no one from her family was going to be able to attend her Baptism so we decided, all of us, that it was not going to work.  She had her operation and is just fine, but now she has to recover. We will see what happens with her and her family she still knows she needs to be baptized, it's just really hard to teach the family because they are almost never all together... They have however had all kinds of Dreams and answers that these things are true even a dream that the son received the Holy Ghost and could just feel Joy. 

Anyway it was a cool week the Zone is good today three of our Zone are finishing their missions.  Including my buddy over the last Year Elder Herrera. And my Bro Comp Elder Draney.  It was a good change. 

The other night I woke up to my comp and I having a full blown conversation in our sleep... ha the heat sometimes doesn't let us sleep to good. 

Anyways something that I find so important in this time is Our relation with the Spirit. The spirit gives us all blessings and brings us to God. We should have our prayers guided by the spirit to guide our day and our decisions. I love you all a lot and pray that you can have the Spirit with you to lead and guide and Protect you.

Love Elder Biesinger

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