Tuesday, February 16, 2016

January 26, 2016

Well hey everyone! real quick there is so much to tell ya!

So Crazy week!

We are still teaching the Familia Rosales Rivas they are coming along but its slow we have hit a weird barrier called summer vacations...

But we found a family that has been inactive for seven years but before that they lived in the south and were active leaders. Their son is not a member but they totally showed up to church like a huge surprise!  they stayed all three hours as well. So that was really cool. They seem to be really great people I'm excited to get to know them more and I hope that they can revive their testimonies and fix some goals of the temple. The Familia Sanhueza

We had zone meeting this week it went pretty well. Its crazy how fast the time goes by. As a mission we are putting some big goals for the year based on numbers we will see what happens! Ha yeah based on numbers I mean statistics.. Obviously I'm talking about peoples salvation and the opportunity for them to come unto Christ. 

On Wednesday we had the World Wide Mission Conference. It was really good. We watched it with five Zones. It was an enjoyable time we really were able to see that the Missions revelation was in line with the Apostles teachings. Good Goals to always rely on being an instrument of the Spirit. 

On Thursday night we got a call from Hna Díaz saying that we would have to take medicine to an Elder that was in a bad way. (in the zone leaders pension there is extra medication for emergencies) so we headed out of the house about 10:50 an night when she called we were already changed so we felt like throwing on some Jeans would be more invisible and was the right thing to do. We rolled out. We got there about 11:25 the Hna Díaz called and said they were on their way with her son because they thought the Elder had Appendices. It was kinda apparent when I saw Elder Veloso that he was not okay.. About an hour later They got there (about 12:20) We got Elder Veloso in the car and all of us got in The Hna Díaz drove with Gabriel her son up front. they took me and my comp back to the center and we had to from there get a colectivo that takes us back to the other side of the city to our house while the took Elder Veloso to the Hospital in Viña. 
Walking through the center of the city here on a Thursday night is not a peaceful event. All the Clubs are open and It was basically Sodden and Gomorrah (idk how to spell those in English) I was very glad not to be in normal missionary clothes as we had to walk through groups of People at one in the morning to get home.. hahah We made it safe and sound though. The next day they brought Elder Almeida to us while Elder Veloso stayed in the Hospital and was operated. Then Saturday they brought him to our house with some Extra mattresses and now the two of them are staying with us for a week or so while he recovers because he cant walk much so we take turns staying with him while the Other two go out and keep working.. ha sometimes we are have to go to their area as well which is aways away but its not all that bad. Its a pretty unique experience. 

Anyways it was a good week!

Love you guys! have a great time! 
Remember the Spirit is in the Details and
the details of our live depend on our desires to keep the commandments real the scriptures daily and pray always!

Also fyi I totally watched the video of the Surgery what a crazy deal! 

Love Elder Biesinger

The Zone

Surgery Elder

Happy Birthday Joe

Happy Birthday Josh

Happy Birthday Brothers!!! Love you Guys! Joe and Josh

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