Thursday, August 6, 2015

August 3, 2015

Hola a todos!

Well this week didn't go by very fast, but it was a very cool fun week!

I got Changed. I'll now be working with my New Companion Elder David Fraser From Argentina. He is Completely Argentinean, but with out any Latin Blood hahah.  For 100 years they have lived there, but he is 6ft 4in with blue eyes and brownish blond hair, a little darker than mine. We are working with the Zone Called ILLAPEL (EE YA PEL) We are in the a town called Los Vilos. Its Pretty cool. I don't know it very well yet, because we had a crazy week, but it's a little Branch. There were 50 People that came to Church on Sunday, 6 of us were Missionaries. The truth is I feel like there was maybe 30 people there.

Anyways, so Wednesday was Changes, and they told me my Change and what responsibility I would have, and that my comp was waiting for me in my area.   So, we had to go in the Bus, the Mission rents a Bus that Drop off all the missionaries going to the North. The problem is the bus couldn't leave because there was a missionary that showed up an hour late... So I got to my area at like 10:15 at night. Then the next Day I got to get back on the bus at 7PM to return to ViƱa for a new Leader Training. I traveled alone. At least I thought, until I got there because there was another sister Missionary on the bus that had got on in at an earlier stop. We had Strict instructions to try to go like a ghost Incognito. But, when I got there I spent the rest of the night running errands with the APs and then Stayed the night with them.  When we finally got the the house is was 12 midnight we had to wake up at 6, but didn't sleep till 1AM, ha it was a great time. The next morning was more of the same running missionaries around and setting up the meeting with the APs, then the Training. It was pretty fun I like Pt. Diaz, it was a good time. Then After the meeting we went to get in the van so they (the APs Elder Hale and Herrera) could take us to the Bus station. Our Bus was supposed to leave at 4, it was already 3:15 the tire was flat.. So, we threw on the Doughnut and went as fast as we could. The Hermana Stack, and I would again be traveling alone separately. We got there they dropped us off and we found out the Bus wouldn't leave until 6..... So we had to wait two hours. It was alright. We got on the but at 6 and took the journey, it was really enjoyable to look out the window and see the Andy mountains above fields and hills and endless Avocado Trees it was amazing. It was the first time I had taken the Bus during light time hours.

All in all I'm loving the Mission the new Experiences are great and I'm really excited for the weeks that come.

Remember that God loves us and all Blessing depend on our obedience.

Also there is a new Mission Blog

Elder Biesinger
 (Note from Mom; James was made Zone Leader in this last Change, that is why he was as the training meetings)

Picture of new Area Los Vilos

New Comp. Elder David Fraser

James, Elder Fraser and two elders that serve in the same Branch

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