Saturday, January 23, 2016

December 14, 2016

Buena Buena!

Okay so this week I have been so grateful for sunscreen... Its so SUNNY!
But we had a good week ha it's been a pretty fun time.  On last Monday the assistants gave us a challenge to Invite 50 people to be baptised as a Zone. We only were able to get to 29 being that is was Pday. So we didn't fulfil the Challenge so we asked if they would let us try again on Tuesday but we said look we will do 71 which is the 50 with the 21 that we were missing on Monday.. ha So they said okay.. Anyways on Tuesday it was a way crazy cool day. I don't want you to think that it was just a game. The spirit was really strong in all of the 34 invitations that my comp and I did. It was a good day we found a lot of Good People that really are Chosen from the Lord.
Ha in all the Excitement we even got on a bus and invited all of the People to see the new Video from the church hahah it was a crazy week.
Jimena from the Familia Rosales Rivas She is the Mom (they are three kids like Ages 22-26 and the Two parents) came to church on Sunday it was her third time and Francisco her son 25 years old also has come a few times he like to do Cross fit so that's pretty cool we will probable be doing some cross fit in the mornings now. ha But they are really cool I'm sure we will see some progress there but Jimena has a tumor in her chest and so if you could just keep her in your prayers today they get the results about what tumor it is and what the plan is.

On Friday we had Interchanges and I went with Elder Giustozzi from Argentina to Anibal Pinto haha yeah the same ward where I started. But there are two sectors there with Sisters in my area but it's all right. They had a missionary coordination meeting with a bunch of members and people looked at me kinda funny when I went in they all recognized me but now one said anything about how long it had been only asked how much time I had left, ha but it was a sweet experience.
Anyways my comp is pretty cool to and we have a great time so that's all folks.

Los mejores desos en este tiempo de la Navidad!

Elder Biesinger

James Comp Elder Noah McElhany

Making Pancakes before Zone meeting


James and Elder Giustozzi

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