Thursday, June 25, 2015

June 8, 2015 letter

Wow what a week it has been! So To start off...

In Helaman 13:4 when it says that Samuel went and he got on top of the wall because they wouldn't let him in the city. They really summed up that story. The amount of challenges that he had to go through to be able to get on the wall, I doubt it was that simple, these walls were made to keep people out.. So a lot of the time in the scriptures in life and in my letters you don't know the amount of challenges that someone has to go through to be able to complete the task. This week I'm going to do it a little different and explain how we had to climb the wall.

So Edgardo and Maria were all set to be baptized on Saturday June 6th on Wednesday we were going to have their interviews, so we were getting their papers ready to be inscribed. As I was looking for the names of their daughters who are members, I could not find them for the last name of Guzman; it was very frustrating. So, I decided to look for them in another list that goes by direction. I found their direction but there was another name. It was the name of Maria but with another last name... I then went back to the other list, looked for the last name of Soto and found Maria, and her two daughters. Maria was married before, so her last name had been Soto. The surprise was that Maria was baptised in 1989.. She had forgotten.. So long story shorter, She no longer needed to be baptized. Edgardo passed his interview with flying colors. Now for Saturday, the day of the baptism. In order for the fount to be ready, we normally have to get there three hours early and start filling it. There is a rule that while it is filling we have to stay with it so we were studying. The baptism was scheduled at 5 o'clock. at 4:15 Edgardo and his family and a few members showed up everything was practically ready except the Fount, it was no where near ready. We started to get a little nervous that it wouldn't be ready at 5. We couldn't just hurry and fill it with cold water because Edgardo wouldn't be able to take it, and then we were afraid he would get more sick. So At 5 the water was only at the half way point.... So we started filling it with a bucket. oh what joy.. After 20 trips with a bucket from the kitchen sink the water was a little above the knees. but we couldn't wait any more. My Comp with the help of Angels I'm sure was able to baptize him on the first try. It was a great experience. Everything was going so wrong, and so out of order before the baptism, but at the moment that he left the water there was a great peace and calm. Edgardo was singing and whistling as he changed his clothes and the family was crying what a blessing. 
He asked me to confirm him and it was a cool opportunity. The first time I have done it. It was special. It was a great week filled with challenges. 

We have found a few more people this week using the list of members, and if all goes well this week we should be able to have more baptismal dates! :) we found a kid named Karim last night he is 15 and doesn't believe in God. He is very smart but has a little depression, his mom is inactive, we gave him a book and I'm hoping to see a lot of progress in him as well as Camila a reference from some sister missionaries she is 17 and doesn't know what way she should go in life I'm really excited for these two as well as a few others. we will see what happens. 

Love you Guys!!!

Baptism of Edgardo

Elder Hansen, first "gingo I've been with in months"


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