Thursday, June 25, 2015

June 1, 2015 letter

Maybe its getting old to you guys that I say how fast the time is going by, but the truth is that this week went by so fast that it is frustrating! Ah oh well. 
So Edgardo was not baptized this week. He had his interview on Wednesday, but he drank some tea the day before so we took the time to reinforce the teaching. And we fixed the problem. if all goes well they will both be baptized this Saturday, Maria and Edgardo. They both came to church yesterday. Its hard for me sometimes to see Edgardo because he looks so uncomfortable, but he is a trooper and is hanging in there. 

This week we had the last Conference with President Kahnlein who will be leaving on July 1st. It was a great conference. 
In part of the conference we talked about who closed General conference. It was Elder Nelson the conference was on Friday we talked a little about Apostolic order and how he is the third in line and how for some reason President Monson did not Close and that the other two were not doing well with their health. Then the next day we heard the news about Elder Perry. We put the goal to teach what Elder Nelson said in every chance we get with members because it was the last thing shared, and something needed here; The Sabbath day.  It was a great conference. They also announced this week that Valparaiso Oest will become a Stake on July 4th and 5th. WAHOO ha its really cool. If I'm not mistaken Mission Viña has created two stakes in the last year in the last 16 years there has only been maybe one other in all of Chile. What blessings. 

Ha but the mission goes on! Time flies Elder Alvarez and I a doing great trying to find and teach the whole world. I love the mission and I am so glad for the chance to be here and to learn and make myself more like Christ. I hope everyone has a great week and enjoys the temple dedication! 

Well now I have to go to Viña again to bring a new fridge back to out house because ours is causing problems, Saturday morning we woke up without power because the fridge trembles and shakes and makes noises then the power shuts off.  The circuit breaker is in the house underneath us, and Saturday they didn't wake up until the sun started coming up, at about 8:30 so we sat there in the dark for a while waiting for them to answer the door. So now I get to go bring another one back.. ha 

Con mucho amor! 
Elder Biesinger

Elder Alvarez in the apartment trying to stay warm

James Bread, looks yummy!

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