Monday, August 5, 2013

8/5/2013 Letter

Hey all
So this week flew by! Almost done with my second change already! Way too fast. So this week we dropped a lot of people, the truth is we are really just focusing on menos activos and three investigators Pablo, Daniel, and Felipe. Felipe is the son (i think) of a menos activo who now goes to church because we are teaching her son. He is very smart and comprehends well. He said he would be baptised and that he will set a date next sunday if he feels it in his heart not just in his head. Its hard to get people to really recognize answers they expect some grand thing to happen. Its the same problem with Pablo and Daniel the are 100 percent ready we just have to get them to realize that and that they don't need to be 1000 percent ready. Pablo and Daniel have become like my brothers. I stopped and taught Daniel my first day here and then I was the first one to invite Pablo to share with us. They have come along way. My comp is doing great I like him, idk what I have said but he is a lightweight wrestler from La CaƱada Cali. Idk what is going on here but there is now like a herd of horses that like runs around the upper part of our area. It's super weird people are way scared of them??? I'm just scared of the fleas they carry haha I wish we were aloud to ride on p days. Chileans like to find reasons to party. We were in centro friday night and there were so many drunks one guy we talked to turned out to be kinda drunk and hit my companion not super hard but with force. It was kinda funny. Daniel the drunk came to church again. Its getting frustrating he doesn't learn he had a bottle of whiskey in his jacket the whole time. We gave him a Word of Wisdom pamphlet and sent him on his way. We went for a run this morning. I was dying I can walk really fast up these hills, but running, wow that was rough. I like playing with the soccer ball better, haha I never thought I would say that, but it's true. The search continues we fasted twice this week to be able to find (escogidos) the chosen or prepared, we have been doing okay things are going. I love it here and I'm enjoying myself. I hope everything is good at home and I would love to hear from all of you! Its a high of 66 degrees today yes! I'm just wearing a white shirt! Wahoo
Love Elder Biesinger

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