Monday, August 12, 2013

8/12/2013 Letter

Hey all! 
So this week was the last one of this change, it went pretty good! Elder Gonzolaz, one of the other Elders, finished his mission so his comp Elder Garcia is now with us in a trio. So that means this change (6 weeks) I have had three comps haha wow. Elder Garcia is cool though he is from Ecuador and he has like 18 months in the mission.
      Yesterday I gave another talk. Only this time only me and Elder Skaggs spoke. I spoke second and was followed by a member. I spoke for like ten minutes and it was great everyone was in shock. ha My Spanish is way better yay! I talked about the need for members, and that they need to do their visits (no one does their visits here).  It was great.  I definitely believe I had a lot of help from the spirit to speak that good. I am pretty sure that more people will do their visits now.
      This week we went and visited Franz, the big German guy that isn't married. His sons are all members, and we have a good relationship.  We went in and sat down and were visiting for like two minutes when there is a knock at the door. I felt a weird feeling and then walked in the Jehovah's Witnesses, two older guys dressed funny with weird hats and girly scarves and mustaches haha. The "wife" of Franz is a JW and I guess they are trying to talk to Franz. They didn't greet us but just sat down. Franz introduced us as the Elders, ha, and they asked it they could share something. Well they shared and it was really weird it just didn't feel right, my comp and I just sat listening. Franz was answering questions saying well we believe.... (referring to us, the Mormons) It was awesome to see that he stood with us. The Jw´s shared a message about the Resurrection and talked about how the human body would live forever if we never sinned? There wasn't a feeling of any confirmation of the spirit on that one. They also compared everything scientifically, which had nothing to do with anything they said. Then they said they thought Franz was a smart guy and that only smart intellectual people could know the truth. They gave him a book they said was for smart people and left. On their way out we introduced ourselves and asked their names to be obviously the more courteous ones. The wife never came out and said hi, and they never asked about her or anything, it was really really weird. Well after the left we shared about the resurrection as well, not to destroy what they said, but to fix it. It was amazing the spirit filled the room and Franz at the end said that he loved it when we come because he can always feel the happiness of our message and he always feels better. He totally recognized the spirit. I guess that's what happens when we fast four times in a week and a half. haha
Well all is well I love the mission and I love Chile.
Love Elder Biesinger

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