Monday, August 19, 2013

Letter from 8/19/2013 James has a new area and pictures!

Greetings everyone! So I am in Quintero now, look it up it is way cool right on the Ocean! This week was great and full of surprises! Monday night Elder Gonzolaz somehow calls us and quickly says that I am going to get Changed to Quintero, and it came to pass. My comp fell off a cliff, about 20 feet straight down, and nothing happened he didn't even get scratched! He was not paying attention.  We were flying Kites on p day,  we were walking backwards and he fell.  He fell onto  a little hill and was able to just kinda roll down after the fall. Idk how, there was lots of rocks and garbage. I believe angles just carried him down. We told Pablo and Daniel and their family that I was leaving tuesday night, and they started crying it was hard. Pablo told us that three days before he had a dream that we came and told him I was leaving in the very same way sitting at the table and everything, even more crazy is Elder Garcia was there in his dream and there is no way that he could have known Garcia would be there. It was something very amazing and profound. He will be baptized this month. I wished I could be there but it is just how the mission is, I guess. My new area is great. The ward is really focused and works well in missionary work! Well I love you all and hope things are all great!

Love Elder Biesinger

His new Companions name is  Elder Jackson Sheffeild from Ogden Utah.  Don't have a picture yet.

Saying goodbye to Quilpue

With Elder Skaggs and a Family

With Elder Skaggs, Elder Garcia(?) and a family

Goodbye to Elder Skaggs

Hello Quintero

What a great view in Quintero

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