Monday, March 2, 2015

March 2, 2015

Hey ¿como les va?

Bueno este semana ha sido tan genial! Me encanta la mision! MISION VIÑA 

Ha alright well ya like I said I love the mission! This week was great! We taught a family that we are going to try to get married, the family Rodrigez. Claudio and his son Claudio and his future wife Mirza, the dad is already a member, but all the better! Also we taught a 12 year old girl on Saturday in the house of a member.  We stopped by to get a drink of water, and Tracey was there at the house so the family said hey, why don't you come in and teach us all. We watched a short video on the restoration and then taught a little about it. Tracey the 12 year old girl came to church the next day all by herself and waited for the member family to show up. It was awesome. We are praying that when we go to teach her that her family is receptive. We are trying to find, and teach so we can baptize and help build a stake! 

As far as Chile experiences! Today we stopped by the Soccer stadium here is Valpo. The stadium is for the Santiago Wanderes. It was cool we got in good with a guy there and he gave us a full tour. We also stopped and took some pictures in the city center. haha. but I love this place. Everything from the locos that sell things on the sidewalk with the smell of fresh fish and bread, to the crazy dogs and cats, and especially the ocean!

But something really powerful I have been thinking about this week is about the Anti Nephi Lehites. In Alma 24:17-18 it talks about how they buried their weapons as a testimony to God. But the truth is, is that it's not the weapons that were the problem, it is that we all know the laminates were a blood thirsty people that delighted in the the shedding of blood.  It was how they desired to use the weapons. What things in our live maybe are things that are not bad, but that are maybe not good either.  What things should we bury in the ground to show to God that we want to be spotless at the last day? Later in verse 23 they were so converted that they let themselves be killed by the sword. The thing that they buried to show God their devotion was the very thing that brought them a temporal death.  How great it is that it did not bring unto them a spiritual death for that would be upon their own heads. Christ over came the grave. We have no reason to fear death, but we should look for the things that would make us spiritually dead, and we should be very careful with them maybe it's best if we just bury them deep in the earth. 

Love you all thanks for the  support!
Elder Biesinger


The part of Valparaiso that James is serving in.



James and Elder Gomez at the Stadium

Trying to get a picture of the Parrots

Armada De Chile

the front of the Armada de Chile

Micro(bus) from the outside

More pics of James and the Armada de Chile
The "Big Ben" of Chile

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