Monday, January 26, 2015

January 26, 2015 letter

Hey Friends and Family!

So this week I witnessed one of the miracles from fasting! We got a new Pension (Apartment)!! Its so pretty! Ha it is in the same apartment complex, just another building, so moving wasn't to bad especially because we had the help of two other Elders. It is the same floor plan only it's clean and for the most part new. They put in new floors and new tile in the kitchen and bathrooms and painted everything. As for the old apartment, we fixed the water heater just in time to move. ha. The worst part is that we move Saturday and we just kinda put everything in there and then went out to work, planning on coming back to the apartment at the end of the day to organize and build our beds and all that.  When we got back we started screwing in light bulbs and on the last one it cut the power. We went to the circuit breaker and flipped it on, but it didn't work. We then realized that it had to be the big circuit breaker outside.  It is locked and we don't have a key and it's Saturday night,no one is working and no one has a key.. So I just put my mattress on the ground grabbed a blanket and a pillow and went to sleep.. ha it was lame, but oh well. The worst part is that we didn't want to shower with cold water, and in the dark.  So we had to go to the old apartment and shower in the morning both Sunday and today Monday because the people with the keys don't show up till 10. ha so that was lame but now everything is organized and we have power. 

We had interviews with president as a mission this week, It was good. Out interview were scheduled for 2:00 and 2:20 in the afternoon in our apartment. So we went out to work in the morning and planned on being in the apartment at 1:35 in case they arrived early. But right at one o'clock the Assistants called and said they wanted to come eat lunch in our apartment right then. So we hurried to out apartment. Grabbed one of our study tables and set it up, right in time for them to knock on the door. It was an enjoyable time. One of the Elders, Elder Brown got to the mission about the same time as I did and we both started in the same Zone in Quilpue, so it was nice to talk to him. 

Other than that the work has been hard and slow. we are "sacando la mugre" taking out the dirt. I'm sure we will see the miracles soon. 
This week my mind has been on the first and second Great Commandments. If we truly obeyed those two commandments, that seem so easy and so simple. Would it really be that hard to obey the others? Just like Mathew reads on those two commandments will be established the rest. I invite each and everyone of us to ponder the applications of these words. Let us Love the Lord out God with all out heart. And Let us love the people around us like we love ourselves. I love you all!
Special Birthday shout out to Joe and Josh! Love you guys!

Love Elder Biesinger

Painting the ceiling in the old apartment 

Cleaning the old apartment

It actually got cold enough to wear a sweater this week

Elder Velasco on his bed and a pic of mine.

The beautiful new Kitchen in the new Pension!

The new floor in our new pension.

James and Elder Velasco this morning as they prepare to go do the work

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