Monday, February 2, 2015

February 2, 2015

Hey North Americans!

So this week was pretty cool! We finally had some good finds and contacts. First off we finally got in contact with Javiera and Pamela. They are sisters 20 and 22 years old. We found them just knocking a random door. Not knocking of course yelling (Alo), but yeah, we got in contact with them after they were gone for a few weeks in Santiago for vacations.  Also we were walking in a really busy part of our area and it was market day (Wednesdays and Saturdays) It was Wednesday and normally we always offer to help older people, or people that appear to need help carrying their groceries.  On market day in this part of our area we don't, because there are thousands of people, and they are all not in a great mood, and no one ever accepts help. But anyways we saw these two little ladies walking, and they had a lot of bags. So we stopped and asked them the one (Violeta is her name) accepted help right away. She said she was having a hard time and said that we had to be help from God. The other refused. So we carried Violeta bags two blocks to her building, then up 4 flights of stairs to her department. Violeta is almost pure German. Blue eyes blonde hair, and her four last names from her grandparents are all European. She said that she had a lot of interest in finding out more about them. It clicked, and we started talking about genealogy and we gave her a Book of Mormon. It will be cool to see if she progresses. 
Also this week I had a very strong experience. There is a recent convert that accompanies us a lot his name is Igor. He is 20 years old and it the only member in his family. All the rest are Catholic and want nothing to do with us. One day he calls us and says, Elder I need you to come to my house and teach my Grandpa. It was the weirdest thing because he had asked us not to ever go to his house because it caused a lot of problems, but we went. His Grandpas name is Luis. Well, we get there and Igors mom had given him permission to invite us because Luis is very sick and cant talk now. So he asked if we could give him a blessing. After talking with them for a while and getting to know the situation we gave him a blessing.  In the blessing I felt strongly the feeling that he was in a bad situation. The words. Let your family serve and help you and Leave them in peace came strong. After the blessing we left. 4 hours later Igor called us and was in a bad way. We met up with him and he told us that his grandpa had been rushed to the hospital and that he has lung cancer and is more than likely not going to make it. It was a humbling experience. The power of the Spirit and Priesthood is real. 

This week I received a few more unprovoked comments on my Spanish. Its really coming along I'm one of the Elders with the least amount of time in the mission, in our Zone. Elder Velasco assures me that there is only one Gringo that speaks better, so it's good and I have been blessed. People ask me frequently if I learned Spanish in Spain... So I guess I need to start saying the z s and J more like a Chilean and less like a Spaniard.. ha 

As far as my thoughts from the Book of Mormon. I have been really inspired by Abinadi. In Mosiah 13:9 He says that after he shares his message it doesn't matter what happens as long as he is saved. He is a hero from the Book of Mormon. In our live how many of us want to live up to them? I know I do, He understood the purpose of life. That nothing of earthly matter is truly important if we gain our salvation. In Mosiah 17:7-13 is the trail and the death of Abinadi. This man knew that He was going to die. In verse nine he says that he allowed himself to be captured by them. He stood up for what was right even unto the death. He will be rewarded. Alma tried to save him but was unable to, and was cast out. Abinadi converted Alma, and Alma later went on to baptize 204 souls in the next Chapter. The power and the Faith of Abinadi Changed the History. He could have retracted his statement to spare the feelings of King Noah, but he would have to deny the truth to do it. I hope that we can all be so Valiant and understand the meaning of life and the Blessings of standing up for the Truth. 

I hope everyone is well. I love you all I am so happy to be here, the time is moving along. Sometime it can be hard to preach to people who are so blind, but I know all things are possible and Miracle are brought to pass by Diligence. 

Love you

Elder Biesinger
Picture of the micro(bus) on a Sunday morning

James and Elder Valesco on the Micro

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