Tuesday, February 10, 2015

February 9, 2015

Well this week was pretty cool! Its been a week of changing weather, service and working to make the kingdom of God stronger. 
To start out. For those of you that saw the picture on facebook. It was from a family that was in my first area. Anibal Pinto, Pablo, Daniel, Martin, and their mom Evelynn. Papa Olivares Cristian had to work and Yerko the other brother was doing other things.  It was awesome that they showed up.  Like my first week here i saw Cristian in the street and he recognized me immediately. So that's how they knew I was here.  I always see people from Anibal Pinto, and its pretty cool. I had to go back a few days ago to do some paper work for my visa, to be in my first area again was like a dream. It was cool. 
This week we did lots of contacts like always, so I wanna tell you about one of them. We "aloed" a door and a man came out named Luciano. He was friendly and said "hey look I gotta give it to you, your guys work hard and you are far from home so I'm always willing to listen to you." Unlike the evangelicals, I just let the Dogs out when they come. Next he said something that you don't hear everyday. He explained how he believes in the Nordic Gods. Thor, Odin and all that Jazz. He is the second person I have found in Chile that believes that.  He wanted to speak some English, and he speaks pretty well so we are going to take him a Book of Mormon this week instead of El Libro de Mormon. Because I know that it can make the Difference. The Power of that book Is Divine. In fact to give you some more back ground of Jose Luis. The recent convert has a story with the Book of Mormon that changed his life. When he started to be a couple with his now wife. She explained to him that she would like to go back to church, and that she wanted him to go with her until he could prove to her that it wasn't true (the Church).  So they started going a little bit, but Jose was very skeptical and didn't want much to do. Until they were going through a very difficult time with a lot of trials. Jose said to his now wife Paula okay look if this Church and this book really is so true,. and from God I should be able to open this book to any Page and find an answer of peace. He Opened the Book of Mormon to a random page and started reading. They tell us that the spirit filled the room and all the problems seemed to disappear. From that point forward they have progressed in leaps and bounds. The Book is Divine. 

 That's just a few of the best stories from my week.  I hope that everyone is doing great! Changes will be interesting this week, but I'm loving the Mission. Its honestly so great to wake up every morning and know that your whole day will be dedicated to the service of God. To the salvation of those that will believe and the Gathering of the 12 Tribes.

 Until next week. 

Elder Biesinger

James district

Eating Watermelon with Emilia and Daniel. Members who are preparing to get married!

Jose Luis and Paula

James with the Olivares family

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