Tuesday, July 23, 2013

6/24/2013 letter

Well what a week!!! We had freezing temperatures, our clothes froze solid out on the line! I defeated the pulgas for now... i think they are just full... I got rocked by a small earthquake during my studies and then by the aftershock too. It is a weird feeling. I don't know how i feel about it it is bone chilling. However at the same time it is so awesome because people don't even care its just normal yet everyone talks about it. 
So First our investigators we dropped a bunch and are still teaching the best ones even though they have a hard time progressing Pablo is still the star he always reads we just have to help him feel why he needs this. I feel like the investigators that are prepared that we haven't found yet are being held back from us because we need to fix the ward first. The leaders of this ward don't do anything near what they should we need to get the ward on track before we can truly have converts that will stay active. As part of this we all talked on Sunday all four missionaries it was rough for me because we didn't find out till late Saturday night but we did well my spanish was good and i was understood. We cut the fetch out of the  members with the scriptures (to cut is to humble and teach I guess). If you saw the world wide conference members are supposed to be doing more so we showed them why. The problem is that the Bishop and the Mission Leader were not at church or the Conference and no one know why... There are a lot of problems to fix. There are some amazing members here. But at the same time i looked at the actual numbers 836 members of the church in this ward we had maybe 86 people at church Sunday. The upside Gricilda the poor old lady was at church thanks to some awesome members it was a great pick me up. 
Things are basically the same everyone yells hello and thinks they're funny some people yell at   us to back to America because they don't understand who we are when we tell them they are humbled. Most the time we just say hello to people they walk away until they are behind the door of their house or a safe place then they yell at us. No one has any ganas here. I want to find the people who are ready and have the ganas to work. 
The Doctrine of Christ is an amazing thing the Atonement is the healer of all and the word must be spread. 
I love you all and I love being here it is the greatest-
Elder Biesinger
P.S. Ganas means drive not balls hahah

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