Tuesday, July 23, 2013

5/16/2013 letter and pictures Last one from the MTC

So This will be my last big email before I leave the MTC things are going so fast I hardly can even realize I have been here 5 weeks yet at the same time I feel like I have been here my whole life! So yes I have my travel plans I have to report to the Travel office here in the MTC ready to depart at 10:00 Am Monday morning the 20th of May. We will drive to the Salt Lake Airport and our Flight leaves at one. There are seven people in my travel group going to Vina I have been assigned travel leader. I am sure there will be other missionary's from other  missions on our flight. Our plane leaves SLC at 10 am and lands in Santiago Chile Tuesday May 21st at 8:15 am. I believe that that means 8:15 Chilean time so that makes the flight just over 15 hours. That's a long time to be on an airplane. I had wanted a lay over but oh well at least I get there fast. One of my companions Elder Durrant is going to the Conception Chile mission he has to report Monday morning at 4 am (6 hours before us) he then flies to LAX where he has a lay over and then he flies to Santiago where he has another layover of 12 hours for a 50 minute flight to Conception he has like 30 hours of travel. So it sounds fun but idk if they let us sleep or we are not supposed to anyway.
So our first week here Elder Scott came and spoke to us and this Tuesday our last week here Elder Nelson came and spoke to us it was really cool some Missionaries never get an Apostle we have had two! He talked a lot about just missionary work and how the ancestors of our investigators know the truth and are praying for us to find and help them. I learned a lot this week as well Just to name a few things I studied the Doctrine of Election which made me feel pretty special but I also more fully realize what my purpose is here. Studied even more into the Atonement. And of course all of those things that my two mach investigators were i need of. I learned that yes the lessons in PMG contain everything that they need but also the Baptismal interview questions are a great way to help focus a lesson and help you know how to follow the spirit. Galatians 5:22 (I am still bad at spelling fyi) has become a great scripture to use in a lesson. I am learning how the spirit talks and how it can guide me. It has been great.
Spanish is coming along. I feel like it is slow still but this week I had the opportunity to talk with a Sister during a lesson that before I came into the MTC I could not understand at all but during the lesson I could understand and I could try to respond which I think I did okay I just felt bad because it was so rocky. It was still awesome. I also was able to bear most of my testimony in spanish.
So the first day in Vina right as we fly in they take our bags and leave us in the town center with a book of Mormon and I believe an address we then have to place the B.O.M. and share a short lesson then ask for directions to get to the mission home. I am so excited but also very nervous for the Chilean accent and speech is very different than here. The speak with sloppy Castagano (spelled wrong) as one of my teachers says. So Here we go!!!
My Zone and district are great I really love it Even Elder Ainge and I get along great when I wear a Utah shirt and he is in his BYU shirt haha Ill get a picture but yeah I love it here and I am so happy to be here I hope everyone is doing well! Be safe and take care!!!

Love Elder Biesinger

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