Tuesday, July 23, 2013

7/8/2013 letter

Well Changes are called changes for a reason! Changes were Wednesday and Tuesday night President called us and talked to Stringham. Long story short Stringham is finishing his mission helping another Elder be obedient and stuff in another Zone and I am still here in my area. My comp now is Elder Farnsworth but he leaves this Friday to have an Operation back home in Florida. So yeah with who and where will Elder Biesinger be Friday night and for the rest of the change??? I don't know but here are my guesses! (You can all vote if you would like.) In a trio with the zone leaders or, the other side of my ward Elders or in another trio. Or with a new comp here in my area. Or finally In a new area with a new comp.. Either way it doesn't matter and I'm going to be fine just a weird situation that left me in charge of my area in the middle of my training! Its cool though i like it..

I finally have people progressing now! Daniel and Pablo came to church it was a miracle of the spirit fasting and prayer. I think Pablo might finally know the BOM is true. Daniel wants to be baptised on the 27th but we need to get his brother two so he can have support. Things are going they just need to feel the truthfulness of the gospel. 

I just remembered a funny story that wasn't to funny at the time. So Sunday at church i am bearing my testimony and all of a sudden i realize that the bum that walked in a few minutes earlier was yelling and going crazy. The next thing i know my comp is helping him into the hall well i didn't know what to do I'm in the middle of bearing my testimony trying to help my investigators and others feel the spirit and my comp is leaving and the rules are we cant do that so i look in the crowd and thank goodness Elder Garcia saw and he went out with my comp. Well after the meeting my companion Elder Farnswoth and Elder Gonzolas taught the gospel principals class while Garcia and I took care of the guy. The poor man smelled terribly of gasoline and was very dirty. he was drunk or schizophrenic sadly i think a bit of both. We spent the next to hours trying to calm  him down and teach him. he left a lot better. I saw him today walking around with a bible. hah i guess we will see what happens next week!

Well I love you all and I am so happy to be here doing this work I know it is the right thing and I am so glad to be here!

Love Elder Biesinger

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